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So, you have set the special day, and there is so much to do. The excitement is engrossing you to the point that you just want to burst. Amidst those mixed feelings, there are so many preparations to do and you barely know where to begin! So, just relax, take a deep breath, we are here to help you out. At the Weddings by Ardenian we ensure that you will remember the special day of life for years with a pleasant smile on your face.


As the popular saying goes, practice makes perfect.  Well, may possibly be not true when it comes to planning weddings. There can be many things which can go out of hand and spoil your special day. Wedding are one of those happy occasions that you forward to. However, we all would agree planning a wedding can be very stressful. Most of the times you and your beloved tend to miss out the fun of the wedding. But this will not happen anymore as you can outsource the whole stress that is related to planning the wedding.


You and wedding planners discuss so many things regarding the wedding but one thing which needs to discuss first is the flower arrangement. Wedding flowers  play a very important role in making your wedding a memorable occasion. Therefore it is very important that you find the best wedding florist in Toronto who can make the wedding planning a breezy affair as it would challenging for you to drive which one would be best for you and go perfectly with your wedding dress and theme.


Tips on choosing a wedding florist in Toronto


If you want to choose the best florist for wedding flowers for that big day then you need to follow these tips that are discussed below-


Inquire Around- You can discuss with your family and friends about the flower arrangements that they have recently spotted at any wedding they attended. Ask for the contact details of the florists they know. If any of the florist have a website, visit that check the options they are offering.


Check the florist’s website- As already mentioned, an expert wedding florist in Toronto would have a highly professional website with all the details about the flowers they sell, their specialization and the details of the of the wedding that they had their floral decoration. Pay focus on the vendor lists that have photos, reviews and the price of the flowers. These important details displayed on the website can help in choosing the best flowers within your budget and according to your theme. Some of the websites also include the floral arrangement that they have done recently. These pictures can also help you in understanding their work.


Plan a visit to the shop- The website of the florist will definitely give you clue about them. However, websites are virtual only and it is important to make a visit personally to the florist shop. By visiting the florist shop you can know, if they are capable enough to handle the flower arrangement in an effective way. Make note of the arrangement they do for windows or in the reception area.


Ask questions- There few common questions that you should ask your florist before saying a yes. These are-


Do they have enough wedding pictures with floral arrangements?


Are they capable of designing the centerpiece in an impressive way?


Do they possess expertise in decorating the wedding venue based on some special theme?


If you get positive answers to all these questions, then you have reached the right florist.


Seek for samples-   All the experienced florists have samples of their work. You can seek for the work sample like snaps of the bridal bouquets, flower arrangements in the venues and table centerpieces. Demand for the recent pictures of the wedding they have organized and make sure that they have enough snaps.


Be open for customization- The wedding florist that you select must be open to listening to the ideas that you have. A unique creative input that creates magic on your wedding day. The florist should encourage you to select a design that is based on your wedding dress, the container of the flowers and other options in which you might have a say. We at


Weddings by Ardenian always love to listen from so that we can work for you with you.


The florist that you choose should be friendly and be understanding so that you can have a comfortable interaction. Flowers are responsible for creating a charming visual impact at your wedding venue. They can be applied for various purposes in your wedding.  The wedding centerpieces are one of those items where flower are utilized frequently. The centerpieces can be developed with many creative ideas.


Ideas for centerpieces for weddings


Flowers- Flowers are the popular items that are used to decorate the wedding centerpiece. Wedding flowers can be easily matched with the wedding reception table. The best thing with the flowers is that you can be extra creative with them and create your own mix to style the centerpiece. The wedding florist in Toronto will provide you several options.

The floral arrangement for the centerpiece can be both large and small. Small arrangements are more convenient for the guest as this will allow them to interact easily, however; tall wedding centerpiece can be elegant and quite arresting.  Well, it is up to you decide which option to select.


Mirrors and Candles- Mirrors look excellent as the base of the wedding centerpieces. At Weddings by Ardenian we use mirrors at the base and place other items such as flower arrangements or candles on the top of the mirrors. Candles are extremely popular and you can choose to use one large candle in the middle of the table, like a pillar candle or large glass candles. The blend of candles and flowers can create a stunning look for the centerpiece.


Other items- There are several other items which you choose to decorate the wedding centerpiece. For example, if you want flowers along with a country look then, the flower arrangement can have potted plants. You get those pots painted according to your wedding theme and also adorn them with accordingly. For instance, if you plan to have a beach theme wedding then we can paint seashells or flip flops. Similarly, we at Weddings by Ardenian can create winter theme by falling leaves.


Wedding Bouquets

Another prominent place where flowers are found on the wedding day is bride’s hand. Almost every bride carries some sort of bouquet as she walks down the aisle on her wedding day. There are several wedding florist in Toronto who are capable of designing a wedding bouquet that feels fresh and contemporary. There are varieties of elements from which you can choose the one for you. For instance, if you choose to have a classic flower bouquet then, we can take it up a notch by doing it in bold color.


Another idea can be incorporate all non –floral elements into a handcrafted bouquet that matches with the wedding dress. The best bouquets will merge with the wedding gown and the overall theme of the wedding. For example if you are getting married at an urban venue and wearing a chic gown accompanied by an unique handcrafted jewelry then a traditional flower arrangement would steal the show. In this case the floral arrangement of bouquet has to be sleek as your venue.


Even if you are planning a formal wedding, you can still choose a bouquet with more of an edge to it. The bridal bouquets have played a very vital role in weddings. We at Weddings by Ardenian consider this vision very seriously and give our full effort to create custom bridal bouquet.

Flowers can be used for a variety of other decoration at a wedding venue. The wedding florist in Toronto offers several décor ideas like-


Church Pew décor- If you are planning a church wedding then, this option is best suited for you. The wedding Church decoration can make the Church look beautiful and magical. The pews can be adored in a very elegant manner and this can be managed in a sensible budget. So, if you are trying to minimize the cost of decoration without sacrificing the overall look of your ceremony then we have several options in decors and designs that will suit you.


Some of the popular ideas that are used in Church Pew décor are-


Ribbon and laces

Flowers and greenery

Torches and Lamps



Floral arches and floral walls- Our floral arches are custom made and are designed with real touch permanent flowers according to the theme of your wedding. A perfect floral arch can bring the ceremony or reception doorway to life .It can create a perfect entrance or end to your ceremony aisle. If you want your floral arch will be used for your ceremony and later on can be transferred to the reception area. We at Weddings By Ardenian can also design the floral arch with upscale fresh flowers as well.


A floral arch is best complemented with a floral wall so, why not to indulge in the beauty of the floral backdrop. The flower wall became famous after Kim Kardashian wedding and they can also add the same WOW factor to your wedding. They are absolutely freestanding and can be placed anywhere in the wedding venue like behind the table, the backdrop of your ceremony or can be used as the stunning background for photographs. You add up more flowers of your liking to enhance the look of the floral wall.



Ceremony Fresh Flowers- At Weddings by Ardenian, we make fresh floral arrangement for wedding ceremonies. The flowers are handpicked and are fashioned with love and passion. We will ensure that our floral centerpieces will be the center of attraction. The presence of fresh flowers for the ceremony will create a strong statement and set a beautiful tone for the special day. We have very strong and vast network of flower dealers across the globe, hence we can supply your favorite flower regardless of what season we are in.  The wedding ceremony flower arrangement will be transferred to you venue on time so that you have a hassle-free celebration. If you have a vision for your wedding day, we will transform it into reality and the fresh ceremony flowers will further enhance the overall look.


Ceremony Backdrop- A romantic backdrop can surely transform the ceremony hall or room. For example, a pleated curtain backdrop can provide a soothing look to the room. It can have a veil overlay which can be matched with lights to provide a mystical and romantic setting.  The backdrop can be used behind the top, table or merely to lighten up your room. There are several options available for backdrops, but one thing is for sure that wherever you put these elegant backdrops it will surely add extra brightness. With Weddings by Ardenian, you can customize and create your own wedding backdrop. So, if you have some creative ideas, we would like to work on them.


Your wedding flowers will be one of the most snapped details of your wedding besides you of course! So, it is extremely important to choose the right centerpiece, pew decors, ceremony flowers and the bouquets that truly fit your wedding theme. So, if you have fixed your nuptial date then, it is the time that you should hire an expert wedding florist in Toronto who understands your requirement and budget. A competent wedding planner can also help you out in this as they have a wide range of service which included flowers and decorations. So, let the flower shower their beauty upon you on your wedding day and create memories for you.







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