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A wedding is a decision of a lifetime. It takes a lot of smart planning to make the day very special. There are a lot of arrangements that need to be carefully designed and strategically placed in order to bring beauty and elegance into an environment.


So what makes a wedding a success? Like any event, it is the perfect integration of all the elements and specialists that will be working together on your wedding day. They need to be in sync with each other and move like a singular wheel. The visual aid for any wedding needs seamless and complimentary.


And it is here that the role of the wedding florist comes into play. Now, we know a florist as someone who sells flowers. But changing times have transformed some local florist shops into wedding florist specialists. Wedding florists not only deal with selling flowers but services too. So you can have your wedding decorated by them in designs you choose, or they create. Nowadays the majority of wedding florists have transformed their company into a full-service floral & décor studio that can also provide custom rentals, linen’s and overlays, backdrops, draping and much more. By hiring a full-service company, you save a lot of time and money, and you have the benefit of communicating with only one person instead of multiple people.


Flowers they say:

There are quite a few sections which can be highlighted through flowers. In fact, the entire wedding venue can be filled with flowers creating a sort of a floral wedding. Trends show that most recent weddings in Toronto have gone for the floral look, thus creating an eco-friendly event. Starting from the floral arch, which serves as the gateway to the backdrop where the couples would spend their evening.


The locale:

Now, weddings can take place in a variety of places. The churches, the outdoor, a hall, a place of historical significance are all venues, which are being used as locations. Now each of them has their own significance and beauty. They also do come with its set of unique challenges. As a professional wedding florist, one has to be innovative and artistic to create magical and unforgettable events regardless of where the marriage takes place. Let us see how each of these venues stacks up for a florist.


The Church: Being a place of worship, the Church offers plenty of opportunities for the wedding florist to be creative. The path between the entrance and the altar are areas of great importance, and a real imaginative wedding florist can create beautiful and thoughtful floral arrangments that will welcome the guests and set a positive tone for the event. The idea is to blend the floral decoration with the surroundings.


The Outdoors: Now this is a tricky section for the wedding florist. Remember, outdoors would essentially mean an open space. The idea here will be to create a personal space for the couple in a manner which is not too tight or too overwhelming. The wedding florist has to select flowers which stand out in the open environment. Outdoors will also mean a stage on which the couple will exchange vows. That is the place where imaginations need to be unleashed.


The Historical Outdoor: Current trends show an increasing affinity for including a slice of history into one's marriage. Forts, castles, towers are all potential sites for exchanging the vow. Couples bathe in the backdrop of magnificent structures steeped in folklore and legends. To make it more wonderful, wedding florists create the most stylish arrangements that act as a force multiplier. A historical monument, by its very architecture, is a robust structure with wide open spaces. It is an extension of the outdoor wedding we had discussed earlier. There will be plenty of gaps and voids to be filled and with a creative vision can transform the area into something extraordinary.


The Hall: Now there are quite a few banquet halls in Toronto which provide very competitive offers as well as services. The Arcadian Loft in urban Toronto is quite famous for it. There are others too. Floral arrangements in banquet halls are limited in scope, primarily because space is constrained. For a wedding florist, the focus should be on the key areas. The stage, the tables, the gateway are a few places where the spread environment should be enhanced.


Wedding florists in Toronto have come a long way. The ethnicity of the city has also played a very important part in improving their profiles. Toronto, being of the largest cities in the country, has a very diverse mix of nationalities. You have the Europeans, the Asians, South Americans, individuals from the Hispanic community. Amidst this melting pot; a wedding is a tradition that is unifying in every culture.

One of the fascinating groups to inhabit the city is couples of Chinese origin. The Chinese are traditionalists by nature and hence their choices. For wedding florists, a Chinese wedding is both an opportunity as well a challenge. They need to be wary of the type and kind of flowers that are put up since a Chinese wedding is also a reflection of their history.


For a Chinese wedding, there are certain things which a wedding florist should keep in mind. The most important are colors. The Chinese couples are very particular about the color scheme that is used. This also pertains for the flowers.  Red is a color for vitality and vigor. For them, it resembles success, loyalty, honor, and love. Because of this most Chinese weddings have an ocean of red all around. At times, even the bride dresses up in red. That though is changing. Gold, since it resembles wealth, fortitude and fortune.


Colors to generally avoid are white and dark colors. However, if current trends are anything to go by, white is slowly coming into the picture. The Chinese are also famous for their love for lilies. The flower denotes "happy union for a hundred years ."  Wedding florists should also be aware that any Chinese Asian wedding is incomplete without orchids. It's kept as a centerpiece and adds vigor to the event.

Marriage is an event, which will create lots of special memories, both for the couple and for the family and guests. Hence to make it a success, especially for clients, who intend to have a floral wedding, there is a list of tips to remember:


A little bit of homework does not hurt. You would want to know the different kinds of bouquets and centerpieces that can be applied. You can also create a design of your own and think about the arrangements. You may then add it to your list of ideas; your florist gives you.


The location decides your choices. The flowers you wish to put up should complement the venue. Not overwhelm it. The seating arrangement also decides the floral configuration. Know them well and beforehand too. Your wedding florist will help you make the best decision.


Before you look for a wedding florist, research. Talk to people. Chat up with other couples and ask for their recommendations.


As clients, we forget that a wedding florist is an artist and not just someone who would supply flowers to you. Do not expect magic if the entire interpretation of your idea has been faulty. So carry your ideas on paper, preferably carry a picture of your wedding gown and every other detail that you think will make the task easier for both of you. Communication or the lack of it can make the difference here.


Budget. That dreaded word. Money is all it boils down to. Point to note; your wedding is already a costly affair. And flowers will take up a significant part of it. Estimates show that roughly 10 to 15% of the entire wedding budget goes in flowers. So a bit of detailing is necessary here. Know what you want and what exactly you are looking for. Drill it down to the last detail. Of course, your wedding planner and wedding florist always there to help.


Quite a few flowers will come in different shades. Again research is vital here. A rose, for example, does come in quite a few shades. Depending on the theme you want for your wedding, decide on the shades. Also, pricing varies with the color of the flowers. Your wedding florist will guide you on this.


The keyword one might be looking out here for is trust. Trust your wedding florist. The individual is a professional and knows what needs to be done. Once you have discussed your needs and wants, let the person take over. A free hand is very much necessary. Accept the fact that while every bride and groom want the very best for his and her wedding, there will be limitations. Budget and otherwise. Giving out the very best within those constraints is what makes an event successful.


The theme is all that matters

As mentioned earlier, a wedding is an event of a lifetime. To make it memorable, plan. It is advisable to get hold of an experienced wedding florist in Toronto.


-Listen to the weather forecast

-Hire an experienced wedding planner

-Finalize your budget straight

-Detail your list

-Get focused. Organize.

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