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Welcome to Weddings by Ardenian. We are one of the GTA's leading one stop shop wedding planning, floral and decor companies. Our team of expert wedding designers will work very hard to make your wedding vision come to life. We would be honored to be a part of your wedding day, and in return, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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Our Helpful Tips On Choosing A Toronto Wedding Planner

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, and it can get overwhelming for some brides especially if they don't have the proper help they need. Our full-service team of wedding planners in Toronto can help you plan all aspects of your wedding day so that you can enjoy your wedding planning process without having to spend most of your free time trying to figure out how to find the best vendors and how to create the vision all on your own.

Most brides we have consultations with often have too many things on their list that needs to be taken care of. Our team of wedding planners will reduce your stress levels by handling everything from start to finish.

Our one stop shop wedding planning, flowers & décor company takes care of all the major tasks of your wedding which frees up a lot of your time. Most wedding companies tend to specialize in one area; we believe that we can provide a better experience for our brides by providing everything from on trusted brand, so that they can save time and money, without having to hire multiple companies to handle every little element. Having your wedding planning, flowers, and décor done by us will help free up all of your research time, meeting with multiple vendors and a lot more other tasks that you would otherwise have to do on your own.

Being in the wedding industry for over ten years we have had weddings in almost all the well-known banquet halls and ceremony locations around the GTA. We also have a gallery of photos from most of the venues we have done weddings. During our consultation period, we can help you decide on which venue to go for. If you are looking for a mansion or castle wedding location, we certainly have lots of venue suggestions to go with. If you want a beautiful, elegant banquet hall that is centrally located to all of your friends and family. We know a lot of banquet halls that we can suggest.

Our Top Favourite Wedding Venues That Also Have A Ceremony Location On-Site


The Doctor's House

This venue is one of our favorite venues since its very classy and elegant and has one of the best chapels and gardens perfect for wedding ceremonies. Their food and service are very reliable, and it's one of the best-rated wedding venues in the city. This is one of the few venue & ceremony locations that is centrally located in the middle of the GTA and has free parking onsite. Another great tip to know is they have a separate house that can be used by the bride and groom to stay in overnight; it’s just a 1 min walk away from the venue. Below this paragraph, we have Kristen & Steve’s wedding at The Doctors House, so that you can get a feel for what the wedding venue & ceremony location looks like in photos.

Graydon Hall Manor Toronto


This is by far one of the most famous venue & ceremony locations in the Greater Toronto Area. They have one of the most beautiful venues, and their ceremony garden is top notch. Their garden area is well maintained with beautiful trees, fountains, and stonework. All the weddings we have in this venue always turn out stunning and beautiful. One of the best things about the Graydon Hall Manor is that if it rains outside, they also have a beautiful indoor chapel that looks equally stunning in pictures. Below you will find all of the recent weddings we have done at Graydon Hall. Graydon Hall Manor is definitely one of your best options if you want to maximize your wedding experience. Since everything is easily done on site. You can have both your reception, ceremony in one place also the property has lots of amazing areas that are perfect for your photo shoot. Almost all the photographers know the best spots on this venue that look the best in your wedding pictures. We have lots of pictures of couples having their photoshoots done on site, and it always looks amazing.

The Estates Of Sunnybrook

Another great venue locations that also has a beautiful garden area that is perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Sunnybrook has had an excellent location that will be close to all of your guests especially if they live in the Toronto Area. Regardless of your guest size, this venue has many elegant rooms that can accommodate a large variety of guest sizes. This particular venue is very mansion styled location, so it gives you the feeling of royalty when you are on-site. As you can see from our gallery of photos that their reception is very rich and elegant and their ceremony location will look perfect in your wedding photos. Photographers love this venue since there are so many great spots they can take you around to have your post wedding or pre-wedding photoshoot. Since everything is on-site, you don’t need to travel far; this saves you a lot of time that you can use toward enjoy your wedding rather than spending precious time being stuck in traffic.

Casa Loma Toronto 

Our Toronto wedding planners love this venue because it is one of the largest castles available to rent for your wedding day. This is one of the oldest buildings in Toronto, and many famous movies have been filmed onsite, such as the X-Men. The venue is truly iconic and has millions of tourists from all over the world visiting this venue from around the world. We have had many beautiful weddings happen at the Casa Loma, and we highly recommend this venue if you are looking for a venue that is closer to Toronto and can accommodate both your ceremony and your venue in the same area. Your photo shoot can also be done onsite since the Casa Loma has some of the best scenery and landscapes in the city. Almost every photographer you hire in Toronto will know all the best spots to do your photo shoot at this venue.

Spenser's At The Waterfront Toronto

Another hidden gem in the Greater Toronto Area is this famous venue. It’s more of a modern style venue with panoramic views from all angles of the venue. Spencer’s can be used for both ceremony and venue onsite. Spencer’s also has great spots around the area that will allow your photographer to take great photos of you and the bridal party. With Spencer’s you don’t have to travel far to have your photo shoot since you can have it done on site. Our gallery will have lots of ideas on all the best spots to get your photos done just in case your photographer is not too familiar with this venue. If you are trying to have everything done at the same location, Spencer’s is one of our best venue choices in the city.

The Old Mill Toronto 

Another venue worth mentioning is the Old Mill. This is one of the oldest buildings in Toronto and is one of the most practical locations to plan any wedding. They have many rooms that can accommodate large and small guest lists, they have beautiful indoor and outdoor ceremony locations that are beautiful and elegant, and they also have a hotel which is perfect for your guests that are flying in from other countries. All of our weddings in the Old Mill always turn out beautiful and classy. Take a look at some of the weddings we have done at the Old Mill and if you are interested in having your wedding here, get in touch with one of our Toronto wedding planners so that we can get started on the wedding planning process.

Eagle's Nest Golf Club


If you or your family and friends are very into golf and love the beautiful landscapes that golf courses have, we definitely recommend the Eagles Nest Golf Club. We have had many weddings here, and couples love the natural environment and that this venue provides. Your ceremony and your post-wedding photo shoot can be done onsite, and some great spots around the venue look beautiful in photos. Below you will find Stephanie and Matthew’s wedding at this Golf course.

Thompson Hotel Toronto

If you are looking for a ceremony and venue location that has a more modern downtown feel, we highly recommend hosting your wedding at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto. Their venue is quite nice and the rooftop area is perfect for your ceremony location. Best of all if you have your friends or relatives that live far, they can easily book a room inside the hotel to stay overnight and have breakfast in the morning. By having a large number of people attend this venue and book a hotel to stay overnight.

Things To Keep In Mind When You Want To Have a Memorable and Elaborate Wedding


Make Your Wedding Memorable And Elaborate


We all want to look back on our wedding day and remember it as one of the greatest moments of our lives. Your wedding day will be one of the most luxurious and memorable experiences that you will get to enjoy and most people only experience it once, hopefully. Plan a fair budget based on your expectations, if you want to have a luxury wedding with the most beautiful floral and décor but have a small budget. Consider having a smaller guest list and going for a smaller but luxury venue so that you can afford to spend more on the styling and design of your wedding. With your significant other take a moment to sit down and decide if you want to have a luxury wedding with a small guest list or a huge wedding with all of your friends and family but sacrifice the look of your wedding day with minimal flowers and décor. It is now very common that we see weddings with a small guest list of 10 tables which gives them more flexibility to spend on their floral and décor. This helps to create a rich environment in your wedding ceremony and reception area. Some of our favorite venues include Auberge Du Pomiere, Graydon Hall Manor, Estates Of Sunny Brook, and Spencers at the Waterfront.These are some of the most popular venues that can accommodate smaller guest lists and have beautiful rooms and ceremony locations for you to choose from. Helpful tip, if you plan your wedding on a Friday or Monday, you can get significant discounts from venues since these are usually off days rather than booking your venue on Saturday and Sunday. If you are not sure how to budget and prioritize things, we are happy to help you out during our initial consultation session with one of our lead wedding planners.


The Importance Of Flowers On Your Wedding Day


Our website is filled with lots of wedding flower ideas; our gallery page features all of the floral works we have done in all the major wedding venues in the Greater Toronto Area. One of the first things your guests will notice is the flowers on your wedding day, for your bridal party we will create beautiful wedding bouquets for you and your bridal party. During the morning of your wedding day your photographer will take lots of pictures of you and your bridal party, well make sure your bouquets are stunning and compliment the color scheme of your bridal party and your overall color scheme. The most popular color options include pink, white, purple, mostly softer color tones. By choosing a venue location that also has a beautiful ceremony location onsite, we can use the floral arrangements for both your ceremony and your reception venue. Thus making your ceremony look lovely without costing you extra. Most places such as Graydon Hall Manor, Estates Of Sunny Brook, and Spencers at the Waterfront have beautiful ceremony locations on the site. If you would like to see more venues that provide ceremony on-site let us know and we will show you all the venues in our portfolio during our meeting.


Keep Entertainment In Mind When Planning A Wedding


Having an experienced Harpist to play during your ceremony can add a magical feel on your wedding day, these days we see a lot of brides request this since it makes your wedding look very romantic similar to how you see weddings in an iconic romantic movie. Another neat idea is to have a live band or a singer on your wedding day. Having a DJ on your wedding day is great, but if you are one of those couples that appreciate live performance and have the budget, we recommend having a live band perform on your wedding day. Most live bands are made up of talented musicians who have the ability to lift the mood of your wedding reception and get everyone dancing and having an awesome time. Trust us, having an excellent band on your wedding day will certainly help make your wedding very memorable and fun for your friends and family members. Our Toronto wedding planners have worked with many live bands in the past, and we are happy to recommend you some of our most trusted wedding bands in the Greater Toronto Area.


If you want to make your wedding more engaging and want your guests to have something for them to remember your wedding day, consider having a photo booth on your wedding day. We always see a lot of guests have a lot of fun when they go and get their pictures taken at the Photobooth. There are always fun costumes and props that your guests can put on and take funny pictures with each other. This is a great way for both sides of your family members to meet each other through a fun and engaging experience.


Consider Having A Floral Arch, Floral Wall Or Gazebo Decor For Your Wedding Day


Floral walls and floral arches have become very popular these past few years, and we are one of the few wedding planning companies that provide you with affordable options for your wedding day. We have both real and artificial floral arches, and they look stunning in your wedding photos. Our fresh floral arch is made with premium flowers that will look great with your overall wedding color scheme, and we can always customize the look to your liking. As for our artificial floral wall, this is an affordable option if you want to have an expensive arch but don’t want to spend the money for a real one. Our artificial floral arches are made with premium luxury flowers that almost look real both on camera and in person. Most of your guests will have a hard time trying to figure out if your floral arch is real or not, but either way, they will surely be impressed by how amazing it looks in your wedding ceremony. The floral wall is another great option that looks great both for your wedding ceremony and for your reception, we typically have them behind the bride and groom during the reception hours, this way you have a beautiful backdrop when you are taking photos. If you are having a golf course wedding or a wedding at The Doctors House, they have a beautiful Gazebo which we can decorate with beautiful flowers for you. These elements will definitely help your wedding stand out from all the rest and give it a personalized touch. Below you will find a few of our floral walls, arches and gazebo decorations that we talked about. Should you have any questions reach out to one of our wedding planners, and they will help you with all of your questions.


Make Sure Your Wedding Is Well Documented


Photography and videography are another very important aspect of wedding planning; there are literally hundreds of photographers and videographers in the Greater Toronto Area, and trying to figure out which one is the best can be a challenge. Our suggestion is to choose a studio that can help you with both photography and videography. Throughout our site, you will see links to many photographers and videographers that we have worked with in the past, and we recommend you to explore their sites to get a feel for what separates them apart and which studio you like best. We are good friends with an award-winning studio called AGI Studio, and they are a full-service photography and videography studio. We see them on a weekly basis since we always have the same clients and we also recommend clients to each other. By working with our team, we will only recommend you to vendors that we have complete trust in. Take a look at their site, and you will see all the amazing work that this studio does, also take a look at our gallery section, and you will find links of other photography and videography studios that we have worked with in the past. Generally speaking 80% of the vendors in the GTA are trustworthy and reliable, most wedding businesses are operated by small teams usually consisting of family and close friends to keep quality and manage a better reputation. Weddings are very personal and intimate businesses, and we spend a lot of our time working with clients to help them achieve their vision. Over the last ten years of being in the wedding industry, we have lists of multiple vendors we can recommend to you depending on what you are looking for. We have worked with countless wedding cake makers, Dj's, photographers, musicians, caterers and much more. Depending on what your needs are, one of your wedding planners will recommend the vendor that is the best fit for your vision and taste.


During our first wedding planning consultation, we will go over your wedding vision and offer our expert advice to help guide your vision so that it works best with your theme and budget.


With Pinterest and Instagram filled with millions of wedding photos, brides have access to just about every wedding idea imaginable. Our wedding planners and designers will look over all of your wedding ideas with you and help answer any questions that you may have. We understand that this is your first time planning your wedding and we will make sure to be as helpful as possible in making your wedding day a success.


Brides all over the Greater Toronto Area can have complete trust in us knowing that we will take care of everything so that they can have a smooth and fun wedding planning process, guaranteed.


If you would like more information about our wedding flowers, wedding décor, and wedding planning services, send us an email through our contact form on this page. Upload your favorite pictures of wedding ideas, and we will provide you with a quote.

Rest assured that you are working with expert wedding planners Toronto and we guarantee that your wedding will be memorable. Thank you for your interest in our wedding planning website, we look forward to working with you




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