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Having a perfect wedding planned and executed is no easy feat. Not only does it require a lot of time and effort, exceptional planning & organization skills, but also expertise in managing events flawlessly by displaying a lot of patience. Hiring a professional wedding planner is the best option to make so that you can enjoy a stress-free wedding planning experience.


However, the decision of choosing a high-end wedding planner in Toronto should be taken carefully. Below are a few factors you should consider before hiring a high-end wedding planner in Toronto:


-The credibility of the chosen agency

Planning a luxurious wedding requires high-end skills of a professional wedding planner with a rich experience in this field. Always check the reputation of the service provider before making the final decision. Checking their portfolio of work, testimonials from previous customers is definitely recommended. It is always advisable to choose an experienced and professional high-end wedding planner in Toronto rather than someone who do it as a hobby. Going with a high-end professional wedding planner ensures that you will have a successful event. By hiring professionals who are experts in their field will ensure that you have a wider variety of services, exceptional floral decor, exquisite design & decoration ideas along with multiple wedding vendor contacts to fulfill all your needs for a customized wedding.


Quality services

The decision of hiring the services of a high-end wedding planner in Toronto not only ensures a hassle-free and peaceful wedding event but is also a cost-effective solution at the same time. The best wedding planners are always equipped with the right tools, techniques, and creativity with the guarantee of quality services. Also, they have the right contacts within the industry, vendors, etc. to get great deals within your budget. Make a list of all your requirements, preferences and suggestions as per the budget, and once the details are finalized, there should be a written agreement with the wedding planner clearly mentioning all the services that will be provided to you, terms &  conditions, etc. Wedding planners usually charge a flat rate fee, or a percentage fee based on the wedding budget, which should be clarified and fixed beforehand to avoid any kind of confusion.


Planning & Organizational skills

One of the most important factors when choosing a high-end wedding planner is the character and the skill sets of the planner. Organizing a wedding seamlessly requires so many details to be taken care of, that if not managed properly. The essential quality that a wedding planner must have is the excellent planning & organizational skills with an eye for detail and a calm attitude in stressful situations. Always go for a wedding planner who displays these qualities and one who you are comfortable with in sharing your ideas, vision, and preferences for your special day. Your wedding is truly a special day, and it should be managed by someone who you can trust with almost anything.


Effective communication

The importance of effective communication between you and your wedding planner cannot be emphasized enough. Go for a wedding planner who is easy to communicate with regarding your preferences, ideas and individualized needs. Without an effective two-way communication, there will be a serious expectation gap causing unnecessary stress and anxiety. The wisest thing to do is select a wedding planner, who is on top of his/her communication, gives regular updates about the developments, changes if any, selection of the material, and provides a proper scope and space for consultation.


Experience is must

An experienced wedding planner has a lot more to offer regarding services, expertise, and creative ideas. Be it the floral arrangements or the decoration of the venue; an experienced wedding planner can bring a lot to the table. One of the best ways to understand the expertise and experience in the industry is by asking him or her about the past projects, checking their portfolios, videos, or reviews

Discuss your choices, ideas, and preferences with the wedding planner to understand if your vision of the perfect wedding matches with that of a planner and whether he/she is capable of tweaking the ideas with a lot more creativity and freshness to create a dream day.



The wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and it deserves the undivided attention of the planner to create the magic. Choose a high-end wedding planner in Toronto who understands the importance of the event and can meet your expectations.

What must a wedding planner know before starting?


Once you have selected the best wedding planner, it is equally important to communicate the essentials to them in the very first consultation meeting. Some of these are:


What would you like as your wedding theme? Communicate your ideas or brainstorm together with your wedding planner.

-The exact date of the ceremony and how many days’ events do you want. Any specific preferences in terms of events should also be communicated to the planner.

-Venue wedding,  church wedding, outdoor wedding or historical venue wedding, the planner should be informed about your venue choice as soon as possible.

-Any particular preference for a traditional wedding or a modern ceremony

-Overall budget for the wedding

-Do you want to outsource the entire planning to the planner or do you want assistance with the creative ideas only


What difference can a luxury wedding planner make?


A high-end wedding planner in Toronto can create sophisticated, magical, romantic and timeless wedding celebrations for the to-be-married couples. The best team of wedding professionals provides a lot of creative design ideas, detailed planning for every single arrangement, and a personalized experience for the most special day.


Their expertise lies in the consultation, best floral and decoration ideas to transform the entire event. Below are some of the stylish, innovative and stunning ideas under the work scope of the best wedding planners to create something that clients have never seen before.


-Floral and crystal candelabra centerpieces

-Indoors ceremony with a garden inspired theme

-Floral-covered candelabras

-Innovative vintage and jeweled stationery

-Oversize Aisle Arrangement

-Floral walls & floral arches

-Crystal centerpieces

-Quality linens and art inspired vases

-Expert ideas for high-end decoration of luxury weddings


Weddings by Ardenian, a High-end wedding planner in Toronto, offers some expert ideas and tips for the perfect decoration, design ideas, and floral arrangements which can simply transform your wedding venue into something dazzling.


Thorough research: With the amount of planning and the magnitude of work that a wedding involves, it is quite tempting to do impulsive buying without giving it much thought. The right approach instead is to do your research well and consider every single aspect right from the decoration ideas, choice of flowers, food menu etc with clear and concise desired outcomes. Communicating these ideas and expected outcomes to the wedding planner helps in making sure that the place is decorated to perfection and as per your customized preferences.


The color scheme is most important: One of the important considerations in decoration is the color scheme management; your wedding planner will work out the color scheme correctly and incorporate the same as per your individual style and in sync with the floral décor, and wedding style. Color scheme help in creating a seamless look and finish in every single piece of décor from table linen, decorative items, to flowers.


Wall draping: A high-end wedding planner will give you a very creative touch and feel to the decoration of the venue. Wall draping details are an important consideration which helps to customize the atmosphere of the venue.


Keep it simple yet stylish: This is the age of sophistication and style. Wedding decoration reflects an impeccable style and taste of the couple and the efforts & expertise of the wedding planner. Experts suggest that when it comes to venue styling and decoration, less is often more. The addition of a few key elements to enhance the décor is much better received by the guests than the decor overload, so the wise thing to do is to pick a few things that reflect your unique style and preferences.


Creativity in light: The importance of strategically and thoughtfully placed up-lights to frame a floral display or to highlight a feature cannot be overemphasized; it can transform the wedding venue completely to something majestic and dazzling. Wedding planners consider and experiment with different lighting arrangements in sync with the color scheme in order to make the venue feel extra special and unique.


Floral arrangements: When it comes to the choice of the flowers and floral arrangements during the wedding decoration, there is so much to do. Flower decoration isn’t just limited to the large floral centerpieces; wedding planners have multiple other ideas to consider such as floral arches, creative floral candelabra centerpieces or a large floral wall display that can transform the venue completely.

Budget is important: While planning a wedding, it is important to set you a styling budget and communicate the same to the wedding planners and stick to it.


Marriage is an important lifetime event in anyone’s life. Capturing the best moments to make the memories last forever is every wedding planners dream and goal. There is an endless list of choices available to make your event spectacular. Different people have different desires and specifications in mind as per their vision, ideas, and personality. Keep the basics in place and choose the best wedding planner as per your individual and specific theme, instead of going with what everyone else is going for.


Some of the important skills that a wedding planner must possess are:


Attention to detail

This is the most important skill that a qualified wedding planner must have. Managing intricate details to perfection is of paramount importance for any wedding planner. Planning and organizing a wedding can be an overwhelming task if not broken down into small, achievable and measurable goals. Attention to detailing makes life much easier for the wedding planners.



Every engaged couple wants to witness and experience a wedding like never before. A wedding planner has a big responsibility to use his/her creative genius in bringing this dream to reality. The more creative ideas the wedding planner will have, the more special and unique the event will turn out.



A great wedding planner needs to be extremely resourceful. This skill not only helps in cutting down the cost but also ensure that the task is done to perfection without overdoing anything.


Calm attitude

For every couple, their wedding is a very personal experience.  It can surface a whole lot of emotions, anxiety, and stress. A professional wedding planner has the responsibility to remain calm, and still take charge details and planning. There will be some instances where the bride and groom will be stressed out for the smallest details. It is the responsibility of the wedding planner to understand the situation calmly and figure out the appropriate solution. A professional wedding consultant will create solid systems to guarantee that every detail is taken care of and every base is covered as even a slight miss can make a big difference to the overall feel of the event.


Hiring a high-end wedding planner in Toronto should be based on these essential skills of the wedding planner to ensure that the wedding day becomes the most memorable day of your life.




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