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Chinese weddings are known for their tradition and the fusion of rich cultural along with modern day customs. Everything from choosing the most favorable date, following the older traditions, and making it stylish and fun at the same time, is the priority of the Chinese couples at every Chinese wedding. Keeping the priorities of traditional practices and western style in sync, Weddings by Ardenian is a well-known team of Chinese wedding planners in Toronto, known to create a beautiful and magical wedding event.


All they need is clear communication from your side, and they will make sure that they honor the traditions in the best possible way meeting the high-quality standards and the expectations of the family & couples.


Your wedding planner can put together a perfect wedding if the following information is given to them in advance:

A theme or style is must for the wedding.


Expectations for all the color schemes so that everything is seamlessly integrated

Essentials such as choices based on the time of the year wedding is scheduled for

Information about the wedding area along with the communication on the specific areas for decoration and floral arrangements to the wedding planner

Specific details about the important customs & traditions to be followed during the wedding

Choice of the colors, flowers or decoration preference if any


There are various other options available to make your wedding the most beautiful and unforgettable event of your life. Different people have different desires and specifications in mind as per their lifestyle, choices, and personality. Keep the basics in place and choose the best Chinese wedding planner in Toronto as per your individual and specific need instead of going with what the general public is going for.

Popular Chinese wedding traditions

Weddings by Ardenian is an experienced Chinese wedding planner in Toronto who provide end to end services in organizing and managing traditional Chinese weddings.


Some of the services offered by them are:


Good fortune ceremony

A number of Chinese families give a lot of importance to choosing the right dates as a part of traditional customs and ‘Weddings by Ardenian’ as your Chinese wedding planners Toronto, they will happily assist in this tradition by helping you find a qualified, well-known, and traditional Chinese astrological expert to assist with the date selection for the ceremony.



Perfect selections

A qualified Chinese wedding planner will give priority to the color choices for the event design that can tastefully reflect both the cultural tradition and modern elegance of the present times. As per the couple & family’s preference, all the designs can be customized as per the couple’s personalities and to honor tradition at the same time. The wedding planner will take the client’s preferences and needs while choosing an appropriate color scheme and design, completely modern, or traditionally inclined, as preferred by the clients. With an undivided focus, a Chinese wedding planner will provide completely personalized and customized services matching your impeccable style to create your dream wedding event.



Gifts are an important element

Exchange of the gifts to the guests and between the families of bride and groom is a very strong tradition in Chinese weddings. A good Chinese wedding planner will make sure to get the ideal gifts that will be best suited and respectful to the families and guests keeping both the traditional practices and modern preferences in mind.



Chinese Wedding Decorations

Chinese weddings give preference to exquisite wedding decorations. A wedding planner will make sure that the bridal house and the reception site is decorated to perfection for the upcoming wedding ceremony. A Chinese wedding planner will use lots of lively colors and interesting color schemes with the maximum use of red color in particular for best in class Chinese wedding decoration.  There is also a tradition of using the red banners in the Chinese wedding called as happiness banner, specially created for the couple, which is an essential part of the wedding decorations taken care by the wedding planner. The happy banner is creatively designed and decorated on both sides of the doors of the couple’s new home and also the reception site. The happy banner is also decorated with the Chinese writing in a rhythmic poem style praising the adorable couple and with the wishes for long-lasting, happy marriage.



Tea ceremony at Chinese Weddings

The tea ceremony is one of the most important rituals in every Chinese wedding that equals to taking the wedding vow in western weddings. The tea ceremony begins with the newlyweds kneeling three times to the heaven and earth, to the ancestral tablets and to their respective parents, and finally to each other. 

In the modern day Chinese weddings, the kneeling part has been replaced with bowing the heads by the couple. Post the completion of this ritual, the bride presents tea to the parents and relatives in the order of their age seniority.


Guests and families receiving the tea bless the couple with good wishes and other bridal & couple gifts such as jewelry. Tea ceremony has a lot of significance in the Chinese weddings where the couple seeks the blessings of the divine and the elders. A Chinese wedding planner in Toronto plan & organize Chinese tea ceremony ritual in a perfect manner taking care of every detail meticulously.



Chinese wedding tradition of door games



Chinese weddings have a tradition of playing door games. A wedding planner can create amazing event keeping in mind the old traditions and tweak them appropriately with the modern elements. In the door games, the groom has to go to the bride's home, and he will inevitably be blocked at her door by the bride’s friends, the bridesmaids will play door games with the groom and the people accompanying him.


The significance of door game lies in the older traditions where it was believed that the bride is a lovely girl and her family and friends do not want to part away from her by marrying her off.


Hence the groom will be blocked at the bride's door, and he has to answer the questions asked by the bride’s to make his way to his bride. Door games are a way to increase the bond between both the families by engaging in a fun negotiation and other tricks to keep the atmosphere light and interesting.

Once the rituals are done, the bride will finally go out with the groom. During this ritual a red umbrella will be held over the head of the bride by the bridesmaid, done for the prosperity and wealth of the couple. Also, there are other customs such as the scattering the rice, red bean and green bean on the bride by the relatives. The red umbrella is known to protect the bride from any kind of evil spirit and to protect the couple.


Chinese wedding traditions history


Chinese weddings have an interesting tradition of playing fun games by the families and the well wishers of the couples as well. They usually gate-crash the bridal chamber to tease the bride and groom and make the atmosphere fun. There are many beliefs among the Chinese people for following this tradition. Some believe that this is an ancient practice that is performed to cast off any type of evil spirits from the couple.


During ancient times, it was believed that since most of the marriages are arranged by families and the couples were almost unknown to each other, it is essential to break the ice and increase the level of comfort with cheeky wedding games. However, with changing times, most of the modern day Chinese couples marry only after a decent courtship period and aren’t strangers as such, but the tradition of gate-crashing the bridal room still continues to maintain the fun element in the weddings.

Chinese wedding planners in Toronto take care of all the arrangement and makes sure that the old-age tradition is followed with an interesting mix of the Chinese customs and western style.


Fun games organized by the Chinese wedding planners in Toronto

Weddings by Ardenian are the Chinese wedding planner in Toronto who are known to organize the best Chinese weddings. Some of the most popular games organized by them include:


Finding the bride:

It is the fun game where the groom is blindfolded and asked to identify his bride from a random group of ladies using his smelling senses only. The groom will have to kiss his choice before removing his blindfold, which is an interesting twist in the game. Likewise, ‘finding the groom’ can also be played at the wedding.


Love charade

Another very popular game option at Chinese weddings is the Love Charade. It is the game where the groom or bride will act out words or phrases to be guessed by the other side. They cannot utter words and can only use suggestive actions. A penalty can be imposed by the other side in case of wrong answers.


Terms of endearment

One of the traditional and most liked games by the Chinese is the ‘terms of endearment.' In this game, the couple has to come up with the interesting nicknames for each other. The guests usually decide if they like the names given.


Kissing the cherries

It is yet another popular game in Chinese weddings, organized by all the Chinese wedding planners. In this game, the bride and groom will have to eat cherries hung on a string together without the use of their hands. This game can be tweaked a little bit with two cherries are hung in strategic positions on the bride, and the groom will eat them with a blindfold on.


Other important Chinese wedding traditions



The importance of Colors: Chinese weddings are unique in many customs, traditions and even the color schemes of the designs, floral arrangements, and decorations. One color which plays a vital role in every Chinese wedding is Red because this color signifies success of the wedding, the loyalty of the couple, honor, and love. This is the reason why the Chinese wedding planners use a lot of red color in decorations. Another common color used in Chinese wedding is Gold which portrays wealth and fortune for the couple.



Chinese decorations: The Chinese wedding decorations use a lot of creative design and ideas along with the various interesting choice of flowers, color combinations such as red and gold mostly. There is also a trend of using the banners with wishes in multiple phrases used on the doors and windows of the venue which is to wish the new couple well. The importance of the decoration in every Chinese wedding cannot be emphasized.


Floral arrangements: Chinese weddings have a special place for the use of flowers in the decoration of the venue; tables, ceremony etc. In a similar way to Western weddings to give a stylish touch overall. One of the common flowers used in the Chinese weddings is Lily which has a special significance of bringing joy and prosperity to the wedded couple. Yet another pick is the Orchid, used in the all the decorations which signify a happy union for the couple, and unending love, fortune, and wealth in the coming times.


Chinese weddings give a lot of importance to the wedding photographs and capturing the moments. The wedding albums usually bring the creative prowess of the wedding planner and photographer that not only contain pictures of the actual ceremony but also of the candid moments during all the ceremonies of the wedding.


Common rituals followed during the Chinese weddings


Couple’s parents and relatives are served tea at the Chinese wedding tea ceremony as a compulsory tradition

The customary wedding games to be played at the Chinese weddings as a part of the tradition.

A Chinese wedding planner in Toronto works in perfect coordination and in line with the expectations of the clients.





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