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Getting married is an important lifetime event in anyone’s life. Having the picture perfect wedding with beautifully designed and chosen decorations, floral arrangements, capturing the best moments to make the memories to cherish forever, is the dream of every to-be-married couple.


There are a plethora of choices available regarding wedding planners, photographers and event managers to make this event memorable for years to come. However, it is essential for the couples to choose a wedding planner after a thorough research. The beginning step must be to make a list of things you need to be included in the decoration and floral arrangement for a customized feel. Weddings by Ardenian is one of the top rated wedding planners in Toronto. With their rich experience in the wedding & event industry, they make sure to make it the most memorable event with detailed planning and iconic decorations & floral arrangements.


What makes Weddings by Ardenian the best wedding planners in Toronto is their specialization in upscale floral designs and exquisite decor. Their entire wedding decor services include fresh and permanent floral centerpieces, backdrops, linens, chair covers, Chiavari chairs, and much more.


Our approach:

At Weddings by Ardenian, we guarantee stress-free experience with beautiful flowers and decor for our clients. With over a decade of experience, we offer great quality, friendly and reliable service, and expert advice.


Our approach includes:


Following clear Instructions: We understand our clients need for the natural and beautiful documentation of the wedding without interrupting the flow of the day. We work perfectly in sync with the client's expectations & instructions to make it the best day for them. Our highly experienced designers at Weddings By Ardenian are experts in bringing their strong sense of visual aesthetics and passion to every wedding we plan. We take a lot of pride in ensuring smooth operations with detailed planning and excellent execution. Our exceptional customer care services and iconic designs in flowers & décor makes the wedding day more memorable. Our services and our diverse portfolio of wedding flowers, décor & exceptional planning


Vast portfolio: is what make us the best wedding planners in Toronto. We completely understand our client's vision and requirements for their wedding day, and always put our 100%, to make it a perfect day.


Our portfolio includes a range of services including


Wedding Ceremony Flowers & Decoration in the GTA

Wedding planning services

Wedding centerpiece

Bridal bouquet

Rental centerpieces

Bridal showers

Floral arch

Floral walls

Wedding backdrop and much more


Quality services: Our major focus areas remain the quality of services we provide. The wedding is a special day and every couple wants to make it memorable. During the consultation phase, we understand and determine the client's specific requirements and preferences regarding colors, style, and accessories. Our approach is to provide customized solutions with the best quality material and outcomes. We take care of every small detail with extreme precision such as décor, floral arrangements, decorations, choice of linens, and all other details with extreme care.


We create the feel of the wedding: Bottom line for every couple is to look for the best wedding planner in Toronto whose arrangements & style make them feel happy and content. We believe in re-creating the magic at your dream wedding, to make you fall in love with each other again. What are the things to consider when choosing your Wedding Flowers?


Before you select the floral arrangement for your wedding, consider these important points to make a better decision:


The date is important:

Flower selection for the wedding is the most exciting yet difficult task. Choosing the type, color, fragrance, etc. can get little overwhelming. To make a choice easier, always take into account the time of year in which your wedding is scheduled to happen and consider seasonal flowers of that particular time.


They will be much easier to source and will save you money as well. Once you have communicated your choice to the wedding planner, they will source the best quality, color, and fragrant flowers to make it special. Roses or Lilies are the best choices for winter weddings. Other options to consider are the chrysanthemums, tulips, and snowdrops.  Being one of the top wedding planners in Toronto, we will explore other interesting options as well until we find something that you like best. For summer weddings, the choice can be made from sweet peas, hydrangea, and peonies. However, the options aren’t limited to only seasonal blooms. A wedding planner is the best person to consult other flowers and floral options that are available all year round and are quite popular among the brides as well such as lilies, orchids, and roses.


Theme based arrangement

It is important to choose a floral arrangement that is in sync with the overall theme of the wedding day. There are some couples who choose the various themes based on their individual preferences. The wedding planner will make sure that the décor and the floral arrangement is well suited with the chosen theme. For e.g.: for a gorgeous black tie occasion a monochrome palette and rich colors like crimson or dark purple are guaranteed to give a feeling of lavishness. The look can be given more royal touch with the use of silk ribbons and jewels around the floral bouquets for creating a perfect setting.


If a couple is looking for a modern and chic ceremony, Orchids makes a perfect choice symbolizing the love and luxury. Daisies and gypsophila are also a popular choice for brides looking for a pretty bouquet for an innocent and gentle feel.

Irrespective of the theme, the flowers, and décor during the wedding day should be chosen in a way that works in harmony with the overall design, color scheme, and pattern of the day. Flowers can bring in a lot of joy and inspiration on this big day, making it essential to be selected carefully. Understanding the variety of flowers, their meanings, importance, etc. also helps the couple in deciding on a personalized arrangement and the wedding planner will ensure that the same is done to perfection.


Personal preference

While choosing the flowers for the wedding, one of the most important considerations is the selection of the bridal bouquet, which is undoubtedly the most intimate part of the flower arrangements. An experienced wedding planner such as Weddings by Ardenian can provide expert consultation to help you carefully chose the best bridal bouquet complementing your personal style and as per your wedding dress. Wedding planners ensure that the bridal gown and bouquet are matching flawlessly making it a magical sight.

Always choose and go for the flowers that are best matched to your personal style taking into account all the important details such as skin tone, hair color, and eye color while selecting a color scheme. The bridal bouquet is an important accessory without which the bridal look remains incomplete. It is essential to give it due importance by spending enough time in selecting the only best after consulting with a professional wedding planner.


 When it comes to the bridal bouquets, one of the unique ideas is the personalization of bouquet by attaching a vintage item of great significance such as a family brooch or small photo. Do not forget to explore these ideas with your wedding planner.


The venue makes a difference

Weddings by Ardenian‘s expertise lie not only in the flowers but also in the overall décor. We understand the importance of the floral selection based on the different venues and what difference it can make to the feel of the overall event.

Always do enough research prior to the selection of the flowers and check if the flower color scheme, size, pattern, and display suits the interior space of the venue.


Some of the important points to consider are:


Church weddings: Church weddings are most common and special too. If the venue is a church, there is plenty of scope for exploring a range of flower arrangements such as spaces to be filled on the altar with beautiful patterns, windowsills and at the end of pews to make it look natural. If the church is big in size, it will require large floral displays to fill space completely and vice versa. Depending on the budget and the regulations of the church, makes the best selection to maintain the decorum of the church and give a divine feel at the same time. The budget should also be considered while choosing the floral arrangement. A good wedding planner will focus on the most important areas such as the entrance and the altar.


Outdoor weddings: Many couples choose to do a rustic outdoor wedding which requires intricate planning to make the best use of the flowers to reflect the feel of the place and making it an exquisite wedding space as well. Consult your wedding planner to explore the options of customizing the place with the selection of flowers of your choice. However, if the venue has a more modern design, it is best to keep the floral décor minimal with a contemporary display of sculpture flowers, such as lilies, so that there is no overdoing. If space has a lot of light, and air, monochrome or black colors also work well while deciding the décor.


Historical venue: To choose the floral display and décor for the historical venue is no easy task. It not only needs a bigger budget but also a more elaborate display of traditional flower arrangements such as roses or hydrangeas in the varied color scheme to complement the feel of the place. A little bit of researching about the venue, surroundings, interiors can help a great deal in choosing the best color schemes, flower selection, and patterns for this unique wedding venue. In historical venues, there is also an option of exploring a lot of decorative pieces such as floral arches for a more personalized look.


Choosing the right decoration for your wedding

As they say, each wedding is unique and special and hence the décor in the wedding should compliment with the personality, dress, and theme. Learning how to select the right decorations for a dream wedding is an essential step for every couple. The wedding decor has the ability to transform not only the wedding venue but the entire event into something magical to witness for everyone. The best wedding planner in Toronto, Weddings by Ardenian will take care of every single thing including the décor, which is an enormous part of the wedding, and everything else you can think of. They help you create your dream wedding space, with a wide variety of decor and flower ideas.


Below are some of the suggested steps while choosing the wedding decoration:


A theme or style is must for the wedding.

Explore all the color schemes so that everything is seamlessly integrated

Make the choices based on the time of the year wedding is scheduled for

Hire an experienced wedding planner to make the wedding memorable

Research the wedding area well and communicate the specific areas for decoration and floral arrangements to the wedding planner


There are various other options available to make your wedding the most beautiful and unforgettable event of your life. Different people have different desires and specifications in mind as per their lifestyle, choices, and personality. Keep the basics in place and choose the best wedding planner as per your individual and specific need instead of going with what everyone else is going for.







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