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A team of good wedding planners can turn the dream of having a grand and lavish wedding into reality. Maybe you are one of those people who was always fascinated by the idea of a perfect wedding. However, there is a big gap between dreaming about a lavish, perfect wedding investing the right amount of time into planning it. We all would agree that once, the wedding date is finalized there is a surge of emotions – both happiness and anxiety. Well, happiness is something which you can handle solely but for anxiety which arises at the thought of preparations can be easily averted. The best wedding planners in Toronto are here to help you out.


The history of the wedding planner is very long, and the role of wedding planners have evolved over the years. As long as couples have been getting married, there have been people who specialize in arranging weddings. So, let us dig through the history of wedding planners.


History of Wedding Planners


Americans started witnessing big public weddings after the end of WWII. Before that weddings used to be a small and private affair. Perhaps they were not as big and lavish as they are today. But wedding and wedding planning have changed greatly over the period of 30 years. The year 1981 was a milestone in the history of wedding planning. This was the year in which Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer got married. Their marriage was arranged as a big event, and the world witnessed first marriage on such a grand scale.

Wedding planning and planners almost got an overnight fame. However, it still took few more years for wedding planning to get recognized as a full-time business, and if we see today that several people have opted wedding planning as their full-time job. The popularity of the wedding planner can be justified by a super hit romantic movie called “The Wedding Planner” were Jenifer Lopez portrayed the character of a successful wedding planner.


Just after that romantic proposal from the fiancée, starts the stress and anxiety of the wedding planning process. However, the good news is that this activity is not as tough as it used to be as there are several companies which are available in the market to help you with all the arrangements.

Wedding are the grandest affair of an individual’s life, and the couple in most of the cases misses out on the festivity and the fun because they are spending their available time planning their wedding after their busy work schedule. If you have the money, look into investing in a good wedding planner to handle all of the tasks for you, so that you can enjoy a stress-free wedding planning experience.


The wedding planning market is flourishing rapidly, and there are several companies which are offering this service. So, among all the wedding planners in Toronto the element that makes the Weddings by Ardenian team in Toronto an obvious choice is their competency in the exotic decor and wedding flower services.  The Weddings by Ardenian team can offer fresh flowers from all parts of the world, beautiful wedding decorations, centerpieces, backdrops, chair covers, and linens. However, there some reasons for which you need to hire a wedding planner.


Why choose  Weddings by Ardenian?


A wedding planner will work with you to develop a timeline, budget, and other essential details. Our team will also give you etiquette advice, style suggestions and take care of all the communications & vendor selection through ours list of trusted and verified list of vendors we have worked with in the past.


Some of the highlights of our wedding planning service are.


We know what happens at the wedding- Most of the mainstream wedding planners follow a typical wedding process. But we aim to offer something unique and refreshing to the clients. You sail through a long a list of events on your wedding day, and we ensure that arrangements for each and every event are done perfectly.


We pay attention to details and offer timely advice-  A wedding has several moving parts, and we pay attention to each and every detail starting from the wording of the wedding invitations to the timing of the toasts at the wedding reception. We have a vast portfolio which includes exotic flower arrangements, decorations, rentals and much more. We understand the needs of our clients for their wedding day and try to live up to their expectation.


Our other services include-


-Vendor selection

-Event design & styling

-Wedding ceremony Flowers and decoration.

-Floral Arches

-Wedding centerpieces

-Wedding planning

-Event coordination

-Wedding Bouquets

-Rental centerpieces

-Wedding backdrop

-Tablecloth rentals

-Charger Plate rentals

-And much more.


Quality services- At Weddings By Ardenian, we are fully focused on providing quality service to our clients. Starting from the consultation phase, we arrange a special session where we have meetings with our clients and aim to understand their specific requirements, preferences about colors, style, and accessories and of course their overall vision of how they want their wedding to look. Our goal is to provide customized solutions for clients, and we incorporate high-quality materials for the best results. We are determined to pay attention to every arrangement like décor, floral arrangements, decorations and luxury linens.


We create memories for you- The benefit of hiring any wedding planners is to have a memory which will last for years to come, and this is the reason that every couple wants to hire the best wedding planner in Toronto.


Flowers are an important part of any event. The wedding reception centerpieces should create a magical impact and should appear visually stunning. We at Weddings by Ardenian ensure that we will make the flower arrangements at your wedding look stylish and different.


Few important things that you should check for

As we have already discussed that preparing for weddings can be very stressful and especially when you are confused by the various options for every item. When it comes to selecting the wedding flower arrangements or a theme it can be even more stressful.  Things can go easily out of hand and spoil your special day. This is the reason why you need someone who can help in selecting the right wedding flowers and themes and execute the plan well.


However few points you need to check before finalizing the floral décor with your wedding planner-


Consider the season- One of the most important things that you should consider before you plan the event is the season you are getting married.  Not all flowers are available in all seasons. Flowers are seasonal commodity hence choose the flowers which are available in that particular season. If you are looking some flower arrangements which are out-of-season, then silks are the best option. Our silk flower collection is very realistic in appearance and is often more expensive than real flowers simply because they are made with high-end materials. But don’t worry we can rent them to you instead of purchasing the silk flowers.


Budget- Discussing the budget of the flowers & decoration with wedding planners is very important, and there should be no hesitation in doing so. As a professional wedding planner, we offer you the best possible solution and different ideas that will compliment with each other. Size- The size of the wedding party will be another influencing factor. The flowers are the major component of the wedding expense. If you have a small gathering of close friends and family, then stick to a basic, elegant theme.


Location- Before you select the location for your wedding, ensure the elements required for the floral arrangements. Also, see that you and wedding planners reach the venue in advance to make proper arrangements and to see if you like the venue in person.


Color Theme- The color theme of the flower arrangement is paramount. The color theme of the floral arrangements will decide how the wedding venue is going to look ultimately. We at Weddings by Ardenian offer various options and couples can choose according to their personal preference.  Be open to browsing our gallery of different wedding flower ideas in a variety of colors until you find the perfect combination.


Mood- The wedding flowers are not only responsible for reflecting the style and color of the wedding, but they also set the mood. So, the question you need to ask yourself is what you want to convey on your wedding day and select flowers accordingly.

Weather- Weather is also a very important element which helps in deciding what flowers you need to choose. If you have an outdoor summer wedding, then it is advisable that you choose flowers which can withstand the summer heat. 


Fragrance- Every flower comes with its own fragrance, however, those with sweet aroma enhance the mood.


Personal inclination-  Try and listen to your own preference and choose the flowers that are best matched to your personal style taking into account all the relevant details such as hair color, dress color, location color schemes.


Flowers do wonders with the perfect wedding décor. Hence, wedding decor also plays a very vital role in giving the enhanced look to your wedding event. So choosing the right décor for your wedding is also crucial. When it comes to planning weddings, everyone wants theirs to be the best. So, you must be aware of the best décor concepts before selecting the one for yourself.


Some exciting trends in wedding décor


Western Theme- If you like this theme, then you have tons of options to explore. In this décor theme, you can have your wedding cards scrolled up with a wax seal. Your family members and friends can dress themselves as cowboys with long boots and hats! The decoration can be very rustic and can include candles, lanterns and checkered table clothes. These decor ideas are best suited in barns and picnic shelters.


English influence- If you are looking for some romantic theme then, this décor theme is best suited for you. This theme will create a romantic atmosphere for you and your loved one. This will be a treat for your guest as well.  This décor theme can remind you of an afternoon tea, and perhaps the laser cuts. Gardens are perfect for these kinds of decors or may be a castle if you want it indoor.


Glitz and Glamour- This wedding décor is going to be in trend in coming years. This décor style makes the guest feel like they have stepped into a Gatsby's party! The reception generally includes champagne and firework everywhere. Some other ideas that this décor theme includes is- a photo booth with glamor dresses to wear, a live band. In additional to this the balloons in silver and white add to the celebratory feeling. The Glitz and Glamour décor have mostly white colored flowers.


Theatrical Themed- As the name suggest, this wedding décor theme has a lot of dramatic element. Starting from the invitation cards to reception party everything like a carnival. Well, this décor suits mainly to an individual who like to add the fun and adventure element in the wedding. This décor can be planned well in an open space. To be frank sky is the limit when it comes to the special day.


So, if you are getting married then Congratulations! In the coming months and weeks, you will be busy in making some challenging yet amazing decisions. Nevertheless, this cheerful time should be a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your beloved. We at Wedding by Ardenian in Toronto are here to do it for you!

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