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Outsourcing the wedding preparation to a reliable wedding planner might be the most appealing idea to some couples. However, hiring the top wedding planner is a huge task which needs a lot of factors to be taken into consideration such as the expertise, experience, customer service, networking skills among many others. Here are few basic steps which are essential in hiring the top wedding planner in Toronto:


Basic steps to hiring the top wedding planner


Do the proper research

This should be the very first step to hiring a top wedding planner for your special occasion. Begin with checking out the prospective wedding planners' website for detailed information and their experience in conducting weddings & events. It could be in the form of photos, and videos of the weddings they have done before which will help narrow down the list to the final few.


Few important points to notice while researching should be:


-Wedding planner’s ability to tie all the elements together to give a cohesive look to the event

-If the wedding is smartly following the overarching theme assigned to the wedding under the wedding planner’s guidance

-Experience of the wedding planner in conducting top weddings

-Checking the styles, budget, and type of arrangement made by the wedding planner to be sure if that fits your budget, preferences, etc.

-The first consultation is most significant


Always be thoroughly prepared for the very first consultation meeting with all the prospective and shortlisted wedding planners to understand their style of working, the similarity between the thought processes, etc. If possible, bring the chosen magazine clippings, any videos, photos, or any other idea that you had, with you to meet the wedding planner.


 The first meeting gives a fair sense of idea about the quality of their work, their expertise in handling events, managing varied portfolios, etc. Also, never hesitate to share and voice your ideas about any specific preference, style, color scheme, etc. that you would like to explore in the wedding. It is essential to understand whether the wedding planner will be able to pull off your vision in sync with his/her creativity and design ideas. Always go for a wedding planner who is happy with listening to your thoughts and can bring them to reality with innovative additions to make it a memorable event.


Reference checking

Take your own time to choose and hire the top wedding planner in Toronto, without any pressure or rush. One of the best ways is to do reference checking about the shortlisted wedding planner, their credibility, working styles, etc. Other important areas to consider includes


-Is the wedding planner flexible to accommodate changes and on-demand requests?


-Did they stick to the overall budget in their previous works without huge variations?

-Is their work professional and consistent? This can be checked by looking at the extensive portfolios and candid pictures.

-Is the wedding planner creative enough to explore an idea with the best possible options?

-Does your vision of wedding in sync with that of the designer’s

-Is the wedding planner efficient in handling end-to-end responsibilities such as vendors, suppliers, etc.?

-Is the wedding planner easily approachable and responds to the emails and phone calls timely?

-Are they able to manage stressful situations efficiently?


Choose the best

-When it comes to choosing the top wedding planner in Toronto, select the best ones from the shortlisted names based on

-Expertise in organization and planning

-Extensive range of services offered

-Availability on the wedding date  

-Budget appropriateness

-Creative abilities


Top wedding planner’s approach

Top wedding planners are known to organize and plan one of the most special days in any person’s life. They make sure that this most important day in any couple’s lives goes flawlessly right from engagement photos to the choice of vendors, floral arrangements, décor ideas, to making checklists and choosing the wedding party venue, there are a number of events that a top wedding planner will take care of effortlessly.


A top wedding planner in Toronto will take a systematic approach of going about the planning of the event. Their basic approach includes:


Working under the budget

There is no doubt about the fact that top and elaborate weddings can be very expensive with some additions as you progress towards the actual ceremony date. A top wedding planner in Toronto will work strictly under the budget made at the beginning and ensure that there aren’t any major additions in the same. They will make a budget and will stick to it. They perfectly balance any overspending in one item by cutting back a little on the other, without compromising the quality at the same time.


Works under a timeline

Other than the budget, another important area covered with finesse by every top wedding planner in Toronto is working under the timeline. They know the importance of finishing the task timely. A top wedding planner will develop a reasonable timeline for every single event and task to be finished with a clear map of all the due dates clearly mentioned and communicated. They usually backward plan from the actual date of the ceremony, some events to be covered, a time required for finishing tasks, sourcing the supplies, etc.


No compromise with the quality

One of the most important advantages of hiring a top wedding planner in Toronto is the fact they there is absolutely no compromise with the quality and their creative ideas. The top wedding planner can create something fabulous and special than a typical wedding. They can set up the tone for a unique experience along with style and lavishness to create the best day for the couple.


Choosing the best vendors

A top wedding planner will be very diligent when it comes to the vendor hiring for various wedding tasks. They leverage all their contacts and network to get the best vendors & suppliers along with their contact info and pricing packages. Whether it is the flower arrangement, wedding décor, linens, backdrops, centerpieces, food, or caterer, they have the best solutions for every single need.

A top wedding planner is committed to creating an individualized and top-notch experience for the couple and the families.


Excellent Customer Service

Understanding the importance of a once in a lifetime event in the lives of the couple is what a top wedding planner professionals do very well. They are always ready to go out of their way to ensure excellent customer service for the clients. They put in their best efforts to go the extra mile and create a memorable experience for the clients.


Efficiently deal with the challenges

Wedding are such an elaborate event that challenging and stressful situations are inevitable. A professional and a top wedding planner in Toronto will calmly handle every situation without getting flustered. There are some instances when something does not go as planned, logistical nightmares, delays in supplies, vendor issues, etc. Your wedding planner will work towards solving problems quickly and efficiently by offering a helping hand and assistance for last minute issues.

Weddings & events can be so much enjoyable and fun to plan for a top wedding planner. With the right tools and a lot of creative ideas, they can magically transform the wedding experience to a pleasant experience.


Once you have selected the top wedding planner, it is equally important to communicate the essentials to them in the very first consultation meeting. Some of these are:


-What would you like as your wedding theme? Communicate your ideas or brainstorm together with your wedding planner.

-The exact date of the ceremony and how many days’ events do you want. Any specific preferences regarding events should also be communicated to the planner.

-Venue of the wedding- church, outdoor wedding or historical venue wedding, the planner should be communicated about the venue as soon as possible.

-Any particular preference for a traditional wedding or a modern ceremony

-Overall budget for the wedding

-Do you want to outsource the entire planning to the planner or do you want assistance with the creative ideas only.


Top flower tips suggested by the wedding planner


Selecting the flowers, bouquets, and floral backdrops are one of the most exciting parts of any wedding planning project and the priority of a top wedding planner. However, it is not as simple as it seems. Below are some of the basics that help in the fine selection of the flowers for a stunning wedding event:


Make your flowers personalized

Whether it is the flower selection for the backdrop or the bridal bouquets, personalizing the flowers is a very good idea which can give meanings to different flower picks such as for love and passion choose red lilies for the couple whereas, for happiness and purity, white lilies are the best.


Go beyond bouquets and centerpieces

With changing times and all the creative juices flowing for a top wedding planner, there is much to do with flowers than just the bouquets and centerpieces. Sure, flowers are best to be used for backdrops, bouquets, centerpieces; there are other interesting ideas to explore using the flower walls, flower arches for walking up and down the aisle or as a floral chandelier hung above the tree in the aisle. They can even be used as other arrangements like for escort card display and for cocktail table clusters to add a stylish and royal touch.


Select the right size of the flowers

A top wedding planner will make an intelligent use of flower size to fit with the theme of the wedding day. They will make sure that the flowers are chosen in a customized way keeping in mind that every single décor item needs a different floral arrangement. The best picks by the top wedding planners are the mild fragrant blooms such as the lilacs, gardenias, lilies, freesias, and jasmine. Using the creative abilities and innovative décor ideas, your wedding planner can use the flowers to make the wedding look like a fairytale dream.


A top wedding planner in Toronto has an excellent portfolio in wedding flowers and décor which is what make them the top wedding planners. They completely understand the client's vision and requirements for their wedding day, and always put their 100%, to make it a perfect day. Their portfolio includes a range of services including


-Wedding ceremony flowers & decoration in the GTA

-Wedding planning services

-Wedding centerpiece

-Bridal bouquet

-Rental centerpieces

-Bridal showers

-Floral arch

-Wedding backdrop etc



Top decor tips suggested by the wedding planner

A top wedding planner can provide an extensive range of full décor services that can create a magical atmosphere in every wedding event. There are some items to be taken care of when it comes to décor of the wedding including quality linens, best fabrics, chair covers, and tabletops among many others.

The wedding is surely the most special event of anyone’s life, and it is the dream and heartfelt wish of every couple to make it truly memorable for the lifetime to come. With a top wedding planner in Toronto, you can rest assured for a quality décor, hassle-free arrangements and a magical day to witness.

The expert team of a top wedding planner goes all the way to fulfill the dreams and wish of every couple for an ideal wedding decoration with excellent quality. They understand the preferences, vision for the wedding and the need for customized arrangements to create the unforgettable experience everyone will admire for years to come.


If you have any questions about wedding planning, flowers, décor & rentals, feel free to reach out to us, and we will happily help you with all of your questions.

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