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Luxury weddings and parties are the most memorable, magical experiences that are perfectly planned and beautifully executed by the professional luxury wedding planners in Toronto. The luxury wedding is different for many reasons. The term ‘luxury wedding’ signifies something did extraordinarily, which needs special planning other than just sounding very fancy to ensure an amazing experience.

Luxury Weddings require not only first class service and world-class events but also the creativity of the luxury wedding planners to make the event unique. A luxury wedding is all about planning an elegant, glamorous, stylish, and fun celebration for the two people getting married and for their guests & families.


Below are some of the tips on planning a luxury wedding


More customized experience

Luxury wedding planners in Toronto make every effort to make the event customized as per the instructions of the clients. There are some factors that go into the planning of the luxury wedding.

Unlike the average wedding invite that simply features the marrying couples’ names, a luxury wedding invite will be more special with a specific paper or material was chosen by the couple as per their particular style, personality, theme, or color scheme. Similarly, instead of choosing the regular flowers, the floral arrangement will be more intricately planned with the best exquisite floral arrangements used for backdrops, centerpieces, and bridal bouquets. Other differences such as serving a normal bottle of wine during dinner, a luxury wedding might feature personalized drinks especially for the couple with a label embossed with their names and wedding date to make it more customized and personal.

Luxury wedding planning is all about inclusion of the details that go above and beyond average, to make the day much more special and celebratory for the couple and their guests.


Make it more elaborate

One of the distinguishing features of the luxury wedding is that they are much more elaborate with detailed planning, décor and also a much more elaborate series of associated events during the event. A luxury wedding planner in Toronto will meticulously plan every single thing beginning from the organization of an engagement party, elaborate flower arrangements & décor, actual ceremony planning, rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch, various entertainment and activities throughout the wedding weekend, and also the elaborate arrangements for the accommodations and food for all the guests. A luxury wedding planner will take care of all these details and execute them with perfection.


Exceeding the customer expectations

A luxury wedding planner in Toronto has a huge responsibility because of high expectations of the clients. Since luxury weddings generally involve a larger sum of money into their event, luxury wedding clients expect the best of everything, making the job of luxury wedding planner an important one. They understand the need of the clients for personalized events and continuously work towards exceeding customer expectations.


Best floral arrangements for luxury weddings

The importance of the flowers in a luxury wedding is immense. A qualified luxury wedding planner in Toronto can create an appealing atmosphere with the unique wedding flowers to give a unique touch to the event. Wedding planners are the experts in the floral arrangements with the best florists who will tailor everything as per your individual dreams and ideas for your special day.

The luxury wedding planner has a unique way of working.  They will brainstorm with the couples to get a clear vision and idea of which luxury wedding flowers and arrangements will enhance each venue suiting the taste and preferences of the couple at the same time. Along with the pick of the flowers, equal importance is given to the theme, color scheme and the coordination of various elements to create a harmony in the events.


Luxury wedding planners create the most gorgeous and stunning wedding flower arrangements that are completely in sync with the theme of the special day.  The key is to pay attention to every little detail in great length so that the couple can enjoy their big day without any worry or hassles. The luxury wedding planners source the most wonderful, handpicked, and exotic fresh flowers to ensure that the ceremony is highly customized with bride &f groom wearing signature corsages and boutonnieres to compliment the theme of the day. Managing the best floral arrangements is one of the most important considerations of every luxury wedding planner.

Hiring an expert luxury wedding planner will guarantee superior customer service and timely delivery. There are multiple ideas a luxury wedding planner explores with such as unique flower walls with the chosen color scheme, bridal bouquets, floral arches and much more.


Tips and ideas for luxury wedding decoration

It is no secret that for a luxury wedding planner one of the essential element is to have a perspective of décor, including the use of the stunning backdrops, linens, wedding reception tabletops, etc. as they make the heart of an event.


Below are the ways through which the wedding planner makes the best use of décor ideas:


-It is up to the wedding planner to use the creativity and artistic abilities to transform a blank canvas given to them by adding varied strokes of color and texture, using the visual creativity of the patterns and designs in a unique way to tell the story of the two people beginning their journey together. The wedding décor generally is centered on a particular theme for every luxury wedding to give it a personalized touch and uniqueness.


-Décor ideas for the luxury wedding involve combining a range of flowers, various beautiful vases, variety of quality linens, exquisite china, glassware, and silverware, etc. For a luxury wedding planner, the tabletop is a tool to use the creativity and resourcefulness for exploring various design ideas.


-A luxury wedding planner understands that the wedding tabletops can create a unique and lively atmosphere and set a tone for the entire event. They take a lot of aspects into consideration such as the space & venue of the reception and make it look opulent, lavish, and posh by making several arrangements that add beauty and elegance to the event.


Adding luxury touch to the décor with Floral candelabra centerpieces

This is one of the greatest ideas that a luxury wedding planner explores with. Everyone loves to see the beautiful, glistening candelabras to make your wedding décor extra special and luxurious. It can be either in the form of luxurious light for the outdoor ceremonies or the indoor receptions if the clients prefer that.


Floral candelabras can add a touch of glamor and luxury to any celebration and wedding event overall. There are a number of options to make this style statement look even more stylish such as the use of a wrought-iron or crystal candelabras and combining them with your favorite fresh flowers picked especially for your wedding.


It is best to brainstorm ideas with your wedding planner and floral designer to come up with unique ideas and stunning creations of wedding flowers to make the event memorable for the years to come.


Various floral candelabra ideas for luxury weddings


-For the rustic weddings, candelabras decorated with the greenery and vines make the ideal combination.


-For ballroom events or even a church event, chandeliers decorated with lush flowers such as the various variety of roses, peonies, and hydrangeas used in sync with the overall theme & color scheme works best.


-Because of their beautiful fragrance and magical touch, floral candelabras can be used for a wide range of wedding themes and locations to add the touch of luxury to the event.


-Other interesting ideas for floral candelabras is the use of cascading floral such as orchids that help in creating a flawless unity between the floral chandelier and the centerpieces, all giving an overall romantic ambiance to the place.



Tips for making a luxury wedding successful



Keeping up with the changing trends and fulfilling the client's high expectations for a perfect luxury wedding is not an easy task. One of the essential things to do for planning a perfect luxury wedding is to make a wish list of items, then start with the prioritization of the items and remove unnecessary things from the list.


Importance of the color scheme

To plan a luxury wedding need a lot of expertise and detailing to make it a successful event. Along with this, consistency in the color scheme and tone can add an elegant touch and luxury feels to any wedding event. A professional luxury wedding planner understands the importance of this as the beginning step and how to explore newer ideas from there. The keys are in exploring different size and texture to add a visual appeal to everything. A wedding planner will take the color cues from every single item such as the wedding gown and bouquet and then feed them use them in such a unique way that the entire wedding event is in sync accordingly.


Documentation for purposeful planning

A professional luxury wedding planner will always document every planning aspect to manage it better by using spreadsheets or planning software. They know how important it is to prepare a comprehensive timeline for each ceremony, event and every couple. They manage events much more efficiently by creating budget & cost spreadsheets, various venue, and photography comparison spreadsheets and also an RSVP spreadsheet to ensure that there is no loophole in the planning process and everything is managed expertly and as per clients’ expectations.


Make it a personal experience

The wedding planner ensure to make every luxury wedding a way more personalized reflecting the distinctive personalities of the couple, theirs tastes & choices and a sneak-peak into their journey ahead. Right from the choice of flowers to the choice of décor, centerpieces, backdrops, linens, bouquets, food, and every decision should have a personal touch for the couple making it extra special.


Creating an experience is must

Every luxury wedding planners take the responsibility of making people feel welcomed, appreciated, and entertained during the wedding. It is an essential element of planning any luxury wedding.


Timelines are important

For planning a successful luxury wedding, it is of utmost importance to create a timeline or checklist for the entire wedding, sequence of the events, flower arrangements, décor, menu, dresses, bouquets to ensure that everything is on radar and there is a specific period to finish the task,


Make it special

It is no surprise that a luxury wedding is going to cost more than a usual wedding. However, even the loads of money cannot create the desired atmosphere if there is not the right feel for the event. With the expertise of a luxury wedding planners, it can be made sure that the wedding is beautifully planned and executed with a special feel for the day.


The best weddings are the one where the bride & groom is their happy self during the entire event, guests feel warmly welcomed and entertained with the arrangements, and everyone has the best time of their life. A luxury wedding planner in Toronto will offer experiences to enjoy every aspect of the wedding planning process, from flowers to décor and everything in between ensuring that it becomes a moment that you will cherish forever.

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