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Event planning may look similar in analogy to planning a common birthday party, where the preparations are needed in a bit more efficient way. However, there are far more intimate details in event planning. Nowadays, the phrase event planner seems to refer to a simple, yet sophisticated and chic profession. In reality, there are several consequences and accountability that are attached to this job. We at Weddings by Ardenian completely understand this and aim to plan memorable events for each and every client. This is the reason why we are one of the top rated Event Planners in Toronto.

Planning an event can be very stressful, and if you plan on doing it on your own, then it can be double stressful. Planning an event is a complicated task which includes a series of activities like planning the schedule, the caterers, printing of the invitation cards, mailing the invitations, arranging flowers and decorations and the list is endless! 

However, instead of stressing yourself and having sleepless nights, it would be a great idea to hire a professional Event Planner in Toronto to provide you professional service and a completely managed event.

How to choose the best event planner?
There are several points that you need to consider while you hire an event planner.


Understand your event, and the event planner- Not all events are the same. For instance, some companies specialize in corporate events, brand management, launching, weddings, and events corporate branding for special events. These companies will not be able to plan events for small occasions like anniversaries and birthday parties. So, before you hire the planner, we advise you to list down exactly what you want and then start searching for an appropriate event planner for your specific occasion.


Check for their reputation and references- Most event planners will have a portfolio that they will be happy to show you. At this point, we like to share our recent weddings & special events that we have worked on so that you understand our level of expertise. 


Network Contacts- All the good event planners have a huge range of industry contacts. This is an essential resource as this would enable them to be creative and have a large variety of options for their clients. A larger base of contacts will mean that your event planner will be a reputable one and will have significant expertise in dealing with all aspects of an event.


Check the website- All of the best event planners will have a professional website. They will always list their portfolios and events on their websites. Apart from the website, you can check the review of the company on popular review sites like Google Reviews which is the most trustworthy and reliable. 


Creativity and price- One thing that you must understand is that creativity comes with a price and most of the event planners do charge for their services. However, you must compare the prices and services. Event planning does take up a lot of time, make sure you set aside a fair budget according to the size of your event.


Firm Vs Freelancer- It does not really matter that you select a freelancer or a firm. The important factor is that the event management company should have a team of specialist. 


Now that you known what the expectations area, we recommend that you find and hire professional Event Planner in Toronto as quickly as possible. 


Each one of us wants our event to look visually stunning and flowers play an important role to give that desired look. Flowers are an incredible gift of Mother Nature.  Colorful and sweet –smelling flowers are capable of making any event look bright and cheerful. The best thing about flowers is that they can add glamor to any lucid place and make it look pleasing to the


Flowers can be used for numerous events like:

Birthday parties.
Corporate events
Grand openings.
Baby Shower.
Housewarming parties.
Festive occasions.
Thanksgivings events.
Farewell parties.


Our experience with flowers & decoration is very extensive and we are capable of creating a magical combination of flowers by incorporating colorful flowers in red, white, pink, yellow and purple. These flowers arranged in the right order can bring a smile on any one’s face and help make the event more memorable and extraordinary. in every occasion. Our custom designed beautiful centerpieces are suitable for birthday parties’ anniversaries and weddings & corporate events. You can a make

Flowers hold an important role when it comes to weddings and other special events. They are one element that is used extensively


every occasion. At this point, we like to highlight top 10 most commonly used flowers.


The Top 10 Event Flowers-

Roses in colors like yellow, red and pink.
Calla lilies.
Sweet peas.
Lily of the Valley.

The above mentioned are the most favorite flowers which are used widely in weddings & other special events. These flowers are beautiful and stand out in any room. Getting proper flowers is important for any event, and if it is your wedding, then it becomes all the more important as the flowers that you choose should match your wedding gown and theme of the wedding. The flowers that you select should also match the overall look of the event.

The success of the event depends hugely on the vendors you select. Since flowers have such an important role to play you should always check to make sure your florist is capable of delivering beautiful floral work for your special event. 

Consider the season- One of the most important things that you ought to consider before you plan your event is the season. Not all flowers are accessible all year round. Make sure you talk to us ahead of time so that we can make sure the flowers you want for your event are available during your event. Since we work with international growers, all year round we have access to all the unique flowers that grow from different parts of the world. As long as we have enough notice, we can arrange to have your favorite flowers imported in time.  

Budget- Discussing the budget for your special day with an event planner is important. As an expert event planner, we will take a look at your budget and discuss what the high priority deliverables for you are, and we plan a budget accordingly. 

Location- Living in the Toronto area you have so many types of locations to choose from, such as golf courses, castles, manors, banquet halls, wineries, luxury hotels and much more. Speak to our event planning team, and we will recommend lots of locations that we have been to and show you photos of our events from this place, so you have a better idea of how the event can turn out. 

Color Theme- The shading subject of the bloom course of action is vital. This shading subject of the decorative design will choose how the wedding setting will look at last. We at Wedding at Weddings by Ardenian offer different alternatives and couples can pick as per their own inclination. Be interested in trying different things with various blooms in an assortment of hues until to achieve the ideal mix. 

Weather- Weather is an important element to be aware of when it comes to planning an event, if you want to have an outdoor event, make sure that you have a tent ready so that all your guests can move inside the tent, just in case it starts raining. Most outdoor venues usually have a backup plan which involves moving the event into a private indoor room in case the weather is not suitable. 

Corporate Events- For business occasions such as grand openings, product launches and so on, you want to keep things modern and classy. Your flowers and décor for business events should compliment your brand color scheme if appropriate, and you should choose a venue that works well for your occasion. Such as luxury hotels, golf courses which are more suitable for business type events.

Baby Showers or Birthdays- Typically soft blue and pink colors are most commonly used in the flowers & decorations. Since it’s a baby’s birthday, you want to use softer tones of flowers such as blue or pink hydrangeas & garden roses. 

Proposal Planning- Gentlemen, if you are planning a proposal for your girlfriend, we recommend going with a venue, a location she would like. Graydon Hall Manor is a favorite location or Casa Loma. These venues have beautiful garden areas and are surrounded by natural beauty. We usually suggest having a floral wall also candles surrounding the area; floral arrangments made with here favorite color scheme and style. So that when you propose, the atmosphere looks beautiful and romantic.
Wedding Planning: If you are looking to plan a wedding, this is the time to get creative and brainstorm some beautiful ideas with your event planner, find images online that you like and show them to us so that we can create a vision that will excite you on your wedding day. 

Important Services To Keep In Mind For Your Event
Cake: It’s not every day you get to plan a special occasion, and if you do,  make sure to have a custom cake made from scratch for your special event. Working with a famous local cake artist will help you come up with a cake style that will suit your event and also the right flavor that your guests will enjoy. Most cake companies also offer to custom make fresh macaroons as event gifts for your guests to take home. If you are having a corporate event, then branding the packages with your logo will be a great idea, and if it’s a personal occasion like birthdays, weddings then having your name is recommended. Over the past few years, we have worked with countless local cake artists, and we are more than happy to recommend some of our favorites.

Suits & Dresses: Depending on the type of event you are planning, make sure your outfit looks great.For men, we recommend visiting a local suit store that specializes in custom made suits. They will be able to have a suit fitted specifically for your body type, making sure you look great. For ladies, if it’s a personal occasion like birthdays, baby showers or anniversaries then visiting Holt Renfrew and shopping around for dresses is a good idea. Try to match your dress with the colors of your event theme

and style. If it’s for your own wedding, then most local bridal dress shops will be able to custom design a wedding dress for you and your bridesmaids. 



Transportation- If you have the budget and want to spend time with your friends and family then definitely think about renting a limo. So that you can focus on enjoying the party and having a great time, knowing that you have a reliable form of transportation waiting for you after the event is over. 

Photography & Videography- just like flowers & decoration, almost every event needs to have a photographer and videographer. By hiring a local professional studio, you can make sure that your event will be beautifully documented so that you can remember your event for many years to come, as you look back at the photos.
Music & Entertainment: Hiring a good DJ for your wedding can help set the right mood for your event and help everyone have a very good time. Work with your DJ or band and come up with a music playlist that your guests will enjoy dancing too. 

Photobooth- Perfect for almost all events, photo booths are a great way to engage your guests with a fun and exciting way for them to have their photos taken, having a good selection of props from your photo booth company will help your guests make fun and memorable photos and remember all the great times they had at your event.

If you are ready to start your event planning consultation, then be sure to book a consultation with us, so that we can start building a vision that will excite you and your guests on the day of your event. 










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