When you are planning a party or special occasion, having a rental photo booth can be a fun activity to have at your event because everyone loves getting their pictures taken in a fun and engaging way. Photobooths help break the ice and get everyone laughing and interacting with each other. This is a great way for your guests to interact with each other in a non-formal way and this Definitely helps to add more fun to everyone’s day.

Our photo booth rentals for weddings come with high-resolution cameras and professional lighting kits; this helps to capture amazing quality images that are as good as having an on-site photographer at your event. Don’t worry about trying to figure out how the cameras work, since each photo booth will have 1 attendant at all times for the duration of the event, assisting your guests to take photos and making sure people are enjoying themselves. As your guests take photos, they have the option of getting the photos immediately via text msg or email simply by typing their info into the booth.

Venues & Locations

Over the last 15+ years in the events industry, we’ve been to hundreds of different hotels, banquet halls, restaurant and event spaces throughout the Greater Toronto Area. So, setting up and accessing these locations is not a problem for us, since we already know the ins and outs of all these venues. Very rarely we come across a venue that we have never been to before.


Custom Backdrops - Floral Walls & Arches

Having a quality background makes a huge difference, especially for your wedding photo booth rental. You have the option of having colour backdrops, or if you want to go a bit fancier, we have flower walls and floral arches as well. See our floral wall/arch page for more examples.


Corporate Photo Booth Features

If you are planning to use our photo booth rental for your corporate event, you have the option of using the booth to build up your email database for future marketing purposes, and we can even customize the print designs to have your company logos on them.


Online Gallery

Once the event is done all your photos are automatically uploaded to a private online gallery that you will have access to, this allows you to download high-resolution pictures from the event and even share the link with your guests if you choose to do that.



Fun Props for Your Event

We have a large selection of props included in our packages for your guests to enjoy, have fun and make happy memories.


Photo Booth Rental Toronto FAQ

How Does The Photo Booth Work?

The wedding photo booth is super simple to use and the directions are on screen, simply tap start, choose your filter or effect and wait 3 seconds, and then smile. Afterwards, you can choose to have your photos emailed to you or sent via txt msg or print.

How Can I Pay My Deposit to Book My Date?

Once you confirm a package, you will receive an electronic agreement to digitally sign (we sign it as well) afterwards you will receive a digital invoice that allows you to pay by e-transfer or credit card, whichever you prefer. We need a 50% deposit to secure the date and the remaining balance is due 1 week before the event date.


How Do We Get Our Name and Date or Logo on The Prints?

Simply provide us with all of your details and we will take care of the rest.


How Early in Advance Should I Book My Date?

We recommend booking as soon as possible to make sure that we have the booth available for your event date. This allows us to have time to prepare any custom materials that you requested for your event date as well. We’ve done events from 1-week notice to 1 year of advanced notice. The sooner you reach out to us the better chance you have at securing your date. If you have a last-minute booking, feel free to reach out to us to see if the date is available.

If We Hire Your Company for Photo Booth Services,


Do Our Guests Need to Pay Anything?

Absolutely not, your guests don’t pay for anything.

How Much Space Does the Photo Booth Take Up?

On average the wedding photo booth rental needs approx. 10ft x 10ft of space, depending on how wide you want the backdrop to be. The photo booth rental itself is very compact, it just depends on the style of background you want to have.

How Can We Make Sure Our Guests Take Full Advantage of The Photo Booth?

It’s best that the DJ or MC make a small announcement for people to go and get their pictures taken at the wedding photo booth, let them know that it’s FREE! However, from our own experience, most guests are already familiar with photo booths and will naturally walk up and ask to get their photos taken.



Can We Supply Our Own Props?

Yes, that’s no problem, in addition, your guests can use our props as well. At the end of the event, we will return your props to you.

How long Does Setup & Tear Down Take?

Setting up the wedding photo booth can take anywhere between 1 hour or more depending on the style of the backdrop and the number of decorations you end up booking for your event. We always arrive earlier so that we have enough time to get everything set up before the event.

What Kind of Lighting Do We Use?

We use a professional grade led lighting kit so that your guests look great in the photos.


My Event is Outside the GTA Do You Travel?

Yes, we do travel outside of the GTA for special events, please do let us know the location in advance.

Do We Need Access to Power?

We just need 1 outlet to power everything, we have our own extension cords.

Does the Photo Booth Include A Backdrop?

Yes, all packages include a colour backdrop, usually white is the most popular option for wedding photo booths. You do have the option of upgrading to a floral wall or floral arch as well.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

We have been in the wedding and events business for over 15 years and are currently one of the top-rated event companies in the Greater Toronto Area.

When Do We Arrive & Setup the Photo Booth?

Depending on the amount of photo booth decorations you book, for example, flower walls or flower arches. We typically arrive 1-2 hours before the event so that we can make sure everything looks great before your guests arrive.

What Is the Deposit Structure To Book The Event?

To book the date we need a 50% deposit, the final balance is due 1 week before the event date.


When Do We Get Our Online Gallery?

Since all of the photos are very high resolution and can take some time to upload to the cloud. We usually send you a private link within 1-2 business days.

Will There Be Someone to Operate the Photo Booth?

Absolutely, we will have someone at the photo booth for the entire duration of your package. This will ensure that your guests are welcomed and are properly shown how to use the photo booth.


How Far Will You Travel?

Our most popular location for wedding photo booths is in Toronto, however, we can do events as far as Burlington, pretty much the entire GTA. If your event is outside of the GTA, we most likely will be able to service the area, just let us know the exact location via email.


Do You Really Need a Photo Both If You Have A Photographer?

The purpose of the wedding photo booth is to capture each and every one of your guests, this may be harder to do for a photographer since there number 1 priority is to capture the main people of the event. For weddings, its usually bride and groom, parents and immediate family members. Photo booths rentals can also be seen as a fun activity for your guests and a great way for them to capture some fun moments of the day.

It really depends on what you prefer, it's great to have an actual photographer or just a wedding photo booth for the event. The only difference is that the photo booth rental won’t cost as much and is a great alternative for parties and special occasions. For weddings, definitely you’ll want to book a photographer that’s going to capture full details of your event. The photo booth is mainly to entertain the guests and provide fun memories for them.

Does A Wedding Photo Booth Cost More If I Have More Guests?

Not at all, pricing is by the number of hours you book plus the amount of decorations you would like to have for your backdrop. While we do have packages that give you a pricing range, most events are fairly customized to each individual client.

What Does a Photo Booth Attendant Do at The Event?

The wedding photo booth rental itself is super easy to use with lots of on-screen instructions. You could run your entire event without a photo booth attendant, but we provide one regardless for your event. The role of the photo booth attendant is to help your guests go through the process of getting their pictures taken and make sure everyone knows how to use the booth properly. There will be large lineups during the event, the photo booth attendant will make sure people spend time having fun and getting their pictures taken, rather than figuring out how to use the photo booth.


Do You Only Rent Photo Booths for Weddings?

Not at all, you can book your photo booth for all occasions and events in the Greater Toronto Area. Photo booths tend to be really popular for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, bridal showers, brand activations and more.


How Many Hours Should I Book the Wedding Photo Booth?

It’s completely up to you, 3 hours is the minimum amount of time we book for the booth in the Greater Toronto Area. If you would like to book for more hours, that’s fine as well.


What should I do If I Want to Book the Photo Booth for Longer Hours on The Day of The Event?

If you feel that you need the wedding photo booth a lot longer than intended, simply let the attendant know and we can extend your time for a small additional fee.

Are Setup and Tear Downs included in My Photo Booth Package?

Yes, setup and tear down are included in the full cost of the photo booth package. There are no additional costs, everything is upfront on the agreement with a breakdown of everything.

What kind of camera do you use for your photo booth?

Our photo booths don’t use DSLR cameras, instead we use the most expensive iPad Pro 12.9-inch model, which retails for about $1300. These are the most expensive iPads you can buy and the hardware is comparable to most premium laptops on the market. Our wedding photo booth enclosure is also custom-designed to look sleek and modern with built-in customizable LED lighting. We also use custom developed software which gives you tons of onsite photography features that would be harder to replicate with DSLRs cameras.

Our photo booths have the added benefit of allowing your guests to receive their photos by txt msg and email. If there is no WIFI, all the photos will be in-queue for delivery once we are back in our office and on top of that, you will receive a private online gallery with all the images for you to see and share with your guests if you choose to do that.

The built-in camera specs on the iPad Pro includes:

-1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps

-ƒ/2.2 aperture

–Auto image stabilization

-Exposure control

-Wide colour capture for photos and Live Photos


How Many Photos Can We Take?

You can take as many photos as you like for the duration of your photo booth rental time, you will also receive a private online gallery for you to access all of the photos take from your event. You can share the link with your guests as well if you choose to do that.


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