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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

We want to make the process of finding your dream wedding dress simple. Whether you know exactly what you want, or just need some ideas to get started, we're here to walk you through the entire process. We'll help you find the perfect dress, and then we can customize it to fit your body and personal style.

When you're choosing your wedding dress, it can be overwhelming. There are so many styles and fabrics to choose from that it feels like you're going in blind. We know how stressful this can be! That's why we did all the research for you. You can browse through our collection of dresses without the fear of making a wrong decision.

No matter your budget, personal style, or timeline, these wedding dress shopping tips are guaranteed to help you find the gown of your dreams.

Buy the Right Wedding Dress for Your Shape

Choosing the perfect dress for your big day can be a stressful process. Online, it can seem like there are hundreds of options for every imaginable style. Save yourself some time in narrowing down your choices by understanding what styles you love. Do you prefer very embellished, lacy, or voluminous dresses? Or maybe an open back? Ask your stylist questions about the most trendy styles so that you both can focus on what looks best on you.

Explore All Your Options

Most brides go into the wedding dress shopping process with a set idea of what they want, but many women discover that the dress they thought would never be their style is actually the one they love.

Get Ready For Sizing

With wedding sizing, your dress will typically be one to two sizes higher than what you normally wear. This is because a wedding gown is designed to be form-fitting and accentuate your curves. Although it sounds frightening, remember that no one will know the number but you and your consultant.

Find A Comfortable Size

If you're trying to lose weight before your big day, shop for a dress in your current size rather than going down a size. If you end up losing weight and the dress no longer fits, it'll be much easier to take it in than if the dress is too tight.

Reserve Early

It can take up to a year for a bride to find the perfect wedding gown. It takes a few months to find the perfect dress, and another four months to get it in. Then you have to factor in alterations - a process that usually takes about two weeks. And of course, you need time to make sure everything else is perfect for your big day, too.

Find The Perfect Timing

Don't wait to shop for your wedding dress until the last minute. You'll likely be disappointed, as there may not be enough time to find what you're looking for. Instead, start early and take your time so you can find a dress that is perfect for you.

What is A Reasonable Budget For Your

Asking someone to pay for a wedding dress can be a difficult conversation. However, it is necessary in order to avoid any clashes later on. Before you start shopping for the dress, sit down with your partner and decide who will pay for it. Once you know who is paying, it will make it much easier to find a dress that you both like.

What is Your Wedding Theme

Before you start shopping for your wedding dress, you need to determine your overall style. Will you have a formal or casual wedding? Will you get married in the city or by the beach? These decisions will help narrow down your options. Once you've identified your theme, then you can shop for dresses that match your overall style.

Know The Additional Costs

When you purchase a wedding dress, you should be aware that the cost includes all of the accessories required to complete your look, including jewelry, shoes and a veil. In addition, it will include cleaning and preserving the gown as a keepsake after the wedding.

Find The Perfect Wedding Dress Store in Toronto

Wedding dress shopping is a fun and exciting experience with your best friend. Be sure to start early, and make a list of what you want: the design, the fabric, the color, and the store. And when you go shopping, bring that list with you so the salesperson can help you find exactly what you're looking for!

Be Sure To Call

Don't waste your time shopping at a store that doesn't have what you want. Call ahead to see if your favorite boutique or salon has what you're looking for.

Always Book An Appointment

You would never shop for a dress without the help of a consultant at a bridal shop. Unlike other retail stores, bridal stores are designed to make finding the dress of your dreams as stress-free as possible. With appointments, you always have someone on hand to help you find exactly what you're looking for, and get you out the door with all the accessories you need to complete your perfect look.

Start Low and Work Your Way Up

When it comes to wedding planning, it is always important to consider your budget. If you are looking for the right gown and want to save money, start with the lower end of the price range. This will give you an idea of what styles you like, which will help you make a decision.

Describe Your Perfect Dress with 3 Adjectives

Wedding dresses are an important part of any bride's wedding day. When looking for a dress, think about how you want to feel on your big day. Try to narrow down your choices by using three words to describe your vibe. This can help you choose a dress that fits you best.

Always Go On A Weekday

Bridal salons are typically crowded during the weekend, so it is best to avoid them if you want to ensure that you get the attention you deserve or if you want an appointment during a time when there are fewer customers.

Set Aside The Whole Day

Trying on wedding dresses requires a lot of time. You should make sure you leave enough time for the appointment so that you can browse and try on dresses at your own pace.

Be Careful Whom You Shop With

It’s true that you love your family and all of your wedding guests, but I'm sure you've experienced how hard it is to get everyone on the same page. It's even harder when you have to pick a dress. So, instead of trying to please everyone, focus on picking something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Choose The Right Undergarments

If you're going to a bridal appointment, it's important to wear garments that make sure your body looks its best. A bra and thong underneath a strapless dress will help keep your bra from showing through the dress and a pair of Spanx will smooth out any problem areas on the hips.

Finalize Your Silhouette

Your wedding dress is a reflection of your personality and style. Whether you're an elegant, classic bride or a bold, fun-loving one, finding the right fit for your body is essential to making it truly yours. Long, slim silhouettes are perfect for petite brides. However, A-line dresses go well with most body types.

Things To Consider For Destination Weddings

Before you buy that wedding dress, make sure to check the airline's baggage restrictions. You don't want to fall in love with a ball gown style dress only to find out it exceeds the size restrictions come travel time.

Explore Alternative Lengths

Although it's unlikely that unconventional wedding dresses will be as popular in the next few years, there is one thing that is certain: They will never go out of style. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from, each with its own personality and flair. For a more casual wedding dress, try a tea-length gown, or for a more traditional look, consider a white mini dress.


Choose Your Fabrics

There are many different types of fabric that can be used for a wedding gown. Silk is one of the most popular materials because it comes in so many varieties. The heavier, more structured silk fabrics (think silk shantung, taffeta, or guipure lace) will hold their shape and smooth your figure. Unstructured silk and filmy chiffon are less flattering for those brides with curves.

Bring Your Heels

If you'll be wearing heels on your big day, it's important to find out what height you need to be wearing. Bring a pair of heels that are the same height as you think they will be comfortable in so that you can get a better look at how the dress will look when you're in them.

Explore Dress Photos To Get Ideas

When you go shopping for your wedding dress, be sure to take a picture of the dresses that you like. This way you can compare the real deal with the image on your computer screen and find out which look is best for you.

Bring Wedding Dress Photos

When you're shopping for your wedding dress, remember to bring with you samples of the styles that you like best. Whether it's a printout of the latest designs or a collage of photos of dresses that you'd love to wear, be sure to come prepared with the essentials for making the right choice.


The Gown Usually Looks Better On

When you first meet with our consultant, bring a picture of the venue where you will be getting married. Seeing the ambience of the site can help your consultant decide which gowns are best for you.

Shopping for a wedding dress can be difficult, especially since there are hundreds of dresses to choose from. However, if you are willing to put in some effort, you will find the perfect dress.

Do You Want Custom Designs

Embellishments like embroidery, beading, and lace may add to the cost of the dress - but if you want a dress that will knock his socks off, they're worth it. Just factor that into your budget.


Try Dresses Only in Your Budget

If you're on the fence about whether or not you can afford a dress, don't try it on. You'll just torture yourself and set an unrealistic expectation that no dress you can actually afford will be able to live up to.

Try Shopping Online

If you're a bride-to-be, don't forget to consider an online shopping option. 18% of U.S. brides choose to shop for their wedding dress online - it's an excellent way to find the dress of your dreams at a fraction of the price. Just remember that online shopping is not your only option! Only 1 in 5 people in the U.S. choose to buy their wedding dress online, so if you live near a brick and mortar store, it's a great idea to try it on and see what you think!


Call Ahead For Plus Sized Dresses

There are a number of bridal shops that don't carry a wide range of sizes, and it's very disappointing when you realize it.


Get Ready To Try Alot Of Dresses

The first dress you try on probably won't be "the one" but don't get frustrated. Stay patient and keep an open mind until you've found the perfect dress. It might take multiple shopping trips, but it's worth it to find a dress that is perfect for you.

Don't Hold Yourself Back

The most important thing to remember when trying on dresses is to pace yourself. It can be overwhelming to try on so many dresses, but the more you try on the more likely you are to find your perfect dress. If you’ve been trying on dresses for an extended period of time and are feeling overwhelmed, take a break from shopping - it will help you relax and give you a chance to come back refreshed and ready for more!


Decide Your Style and Stick To It

Our lace dresses are the epitome of classic elegance, whereas our chiffon bridal gowns take an edgier approach to wedding attire.

Use Celebrity Weddings For Ideas

If you want to look like a celebrity on your wedding day, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on the dress. You just need to think outside the box and find ways to replicate their style for less. For example, if you love Serena Williams's style, you could hire a fashion designer to create a cape with rhinestones for your wedding gown.


Find What You Love

It's no secret that choosing the right wedding dress is one of the most stressful decisions a bride will make. It's important to remember that it's your day and you should choose a dress that makes you happy. Don't let other people's opinions get in the way of your happiness.


Explore Non White Dress Options

There are many color options for brides to choose from. Some of the most popular include subtle eggshell or ivory, romantic blush, and bold prints. Whether you like to stand out or want to be a traditional bride, there's no need to worry about whether it will work! Of course, it might not be right for your wedding theme, but 14% of brides wear a colored wedding dress. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors!

Bring Your Family Heirlooms With You

If you're hoping to incorporate a family heirloom, such as a veil or piece of jewelry, into your wedding day look, make sure you bring it to all your shopping appointments to find the perfect pairing.

Find Wedding Dress Stores in Toronto Within Your Budget

A good bridal salon should have a variety of dresses within your budget. Whether you're on a budget or not, it's important to be able to try on options that fit into your budget.

Only Buy One You Are 100% Sure

If you want to know if a dress is right for you, you need to try it on. If it doesn't fit well, you won't be comfortable wearing it and you won't look good in it.

Try Different Angle Poses

The best way to get a true idea of what you'll look like in your wedding dress is to have someone take pictures and videos of you while trying dresses on. Make sure they capture all angles of each dress - from the back, sides, full-length shots, and even up-close shots while you're sitting down.

Mirrors Are Not Often The True Reflection

It's important to rely on photos and videos to see how you'll look in your wedding dress. If you rely on a mirror, it can be hard to get an authentic sneak peek of what you'll look like on your big day.


How Does The Dress Make You Feel

There are plenty of factors that may go into choosing a dress for your special day: price, style, and personal preference. But what about how the dress makes you feel? If you want to feel beautiful on your big day, try on as many dresses as it takes until you find one that makes you feel like a princess.


Talk To Your Best Friends

Wedding dress shopping is a fun process, but it can also be overwhelming. It's important to relax and enjoy yourself, as the dress you find on your first try will likely not be the one you ultimately wear. With that being said, it's helpful to have a few close friends and family members with you in order to share their opinions.

Chose Something You Feel Great Wearing

Think about the dress that you feel most beautiful in. What is it about this particular dress that makes you feel so confident? Is it the way it fits your body, or the fabric? Imagine all of the things you like about your favourite dress, and apply them to your search for wedding dresses.


Avoid Pushy Sales People

The goal of a salesperson is to help you make an informed decision, not to pressure you into making a snap decision. If you want more time to think about it, there's no need to feel guilty.

Avoid Rush Fees By Ordering Ahead

If you're looking to buy a custom made gown, I suggest ordering at least 8 months in advance. This will ensure you have enough time to work with your designer and avoid rush fees. Rush fees can range anywhere between 20-30% of the total price of the dress.

Order Big To Size Down Later

When ordering a dress online, it's important to consider the fabric and brand of the dress. Every material has its own size charts, so you need to know how the brand will fit based on your measurements. That's why it's important to consult a professional before you order - they'll be able to help you find the right size.


The best way to ensure that your dress fits is to get one which is 2 sizes larger than what you think. Most dresses can be taken in by a tailor, but it's easier to have extra fabric to work with rather than less.

Test Movement

No matter how great your dress is, you're still going to feel a little awkward in it at the beginning. It's not like the pair of pajamas you wear every night (which you probably love dearly). Since there's a lot of walking and standing involved, try sitting, standing and walking around in the dressing room so you can get used to moving around in it.

Prepare Yourself Before Going To Try On Dresses

If you're trying on wedding dresses, remember that you're not feeling your best. It's easy to feel this way when trying on wedding dresses - especially since it's a look you've likely never worn before. The easiest way to get the full effect is to dress up as if it was your big day!

Make Sure You Love it Before You Finalize

Once you place the order, we won't be able to cancel it. We strongly advise that you take your time and think carefully about whether it is the right decision for you.

The Dress Should Express Your Personal Style

If you're a bride who wants to wear a dress that expresses your personality, rather than one that will make you tear up in the dressing room, it doesn't mean you haven't found the right gown. Not all brides get emotional when they find their gown.


Find A Tailor You Trust

Couture or “cut to measure” dresses are usually more expensive than their off the rack counterparts, but they are far less expensive in the long run. A good tailor can make your dress look like it was made just for you, and it will still be much cheaper than buying a custom tailored dress.

Book Well Ahead of Time

If you are looking to get a dress in the next 6 months, we recommend that you book an appointment. Bridal shops are quite busy, so it is best to call the shop directly or visit their website and book your appointment now.

Try Finding A Local Wedding Dress Store in Toronto

Although smaller than larger stores, boutique wedding dress shops offer the unique advantage of a more personal experience. This can mean a smaller variety of dresses to try on, but it also means more personalized attention. The shop owners are familiar with the area and can offer tips on other brides who have worn the dresses available at the boutique. They will also be familiar with your wedding venue and can help you create a look that will complement the space.

Talk To A Bridal Consultant You Can Trust

When shopping for a wedding dress, make sure to be open and honest with the salesperson. Tell them exactly what you're looking for in terms of style, color, fit, and accessories. The more information they have, the easier it will be to find you the perfect dress.

Keep Seasonality in Mind

If you're getting married in August, stick to lightweight fabrics with breezy styles. But if you're getting married in Boston in the winter, go for snow-like sparkle and heavier, lush fabrics like satin or taffeta.


There Are No Actual Rules

Whatever decision you make regarding your outfit, we'll be sure to help you achieve exactly the look you're going for. We've seen it all and can help you find the perfect outfit for any style. Don't worry about what we think of your choice, because it's your day and you should feel like a queen. Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful, no matter what other people think.

The Top Of The Wedding Dress

When choosing the perfect wedding dress, you want to make sure it is the perfect fit! The top of your dress needs to be form fitting but not too tight. The neckline should sit flat against your skin, and shouldn't gap or slip when you sit down.

Tweak But Don't Re-Design

When you're making changes to a gown, it's very important that you do so with extreme care. It's easy to add straps or change the hemline, but if you need to change the inner structure of the gown, it can be very expensive, risky and sometimes irreversible. If done incorrectly, it can ruin a gown.

Don't Panic Just Salvage

It's okay to change your mind about a dress, especially if it's the only one you have left! Don't worry - we've made returns as easy as possible. Simply ship the dress back to us with a note explaining why it didn't work for you. We'll refund your order, less shipping costs and restocking fees.


If You Changed Your Mind

If you're not planning on wearing your dress again, there are some options you can take before throwing it away. You can try selling it on a resale website like Encore Bridal, where you'll have access to thousands of brides who are looking for their perfect dress at an affordable price.


Adding A Bustle

If you'd like to dance at the reception and would prefer to pick up your dress while doing so, consider getting a bustle. Because it makes alterations to the back of your dress, it's a great option for those who want to dance without worrying about dragging their dress.

What is Their Dress Preview Policy

You want to keep the dress a secret until the big day, which is understandable. However, it may be difficult if you're planning to share pictures of the gown with family and friends before your appointment. Set a limit before you start posting: Will you only share with the people at your fitting? Just with your bridal party? Or will you only post after you've had an opportunity to show your partner?

Don't Keep The Dress At Home

If you're staying at the same place as your partner, or if they are going to be helping you choose your dress, there's a chance they'll see it before the wedding. To prevent this from happening, ask someone you trust and who will be attending the wedding to store your dress for safekeeping.


When It's Time To Stop

After you found your dream dress, you should have stopped looking. It will make you crazy if you keep shopping - it's perfect! All that is left to do is to look forward to the big day and show it off to everyone.

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